Huawei Nova 5 pro be capable of said the descendant to the Nova 5. It has an outstanding processor that can deal with the high-end usage. Phone can be used for a whole day as its battery is sufficient enough to make phone run all day. The internal storage of the phone is amply vast that will meet the need of the customer. The phone is going to be in five different colors, so you can have more option in selecting the color of the phone.

This is going to be the all in one phone that you will need the phone is eye-catching and attractive for everyone who are intending to use it.


The Huawei Nova 5 pro is equipped with 6.39 inches OLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels and water drop notch. The display is almost same as the Nova 5; the Nova 5 pro is featured with finger print scanner. You can enjoy your phone time with the big screen of the phone while watching videos and movies or even playing games.

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OS system and processor

It is powered by an octa-core processor, which features two dual cores with 2.6 GHz, 1.92 Ghz and four cores clocked at 1.8Ghz, the whole processor is working upon Hisilicon 980 chipset. It also includes a dedicated NPU unit. This will make your phone run faster while running multiple apps in the background. For smoother gaming experiences, Huawei has also built-in support for GPU Turbo technology on the phone.

Memory and internal storage

The Huawei Nova 5 pro has 8 GB of RAM and up to 128/256 GB of native storage where as it also supports microSD card slot up to 256 GB.

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So one should not worry about the memory and data in their phone and use as many data as they want.


The phone had come equipped with four rear camera setup along with an LED flash at the back panel. The newest rare camera setup it will be as the other smart phones consists of triple, tetra or penta rear sensors. This will show the authenticity of the phone. The main rare camera will be of 48 mega pixel, the ultra wide angle sensor is 16 mega pixels and the depth sensor will be 2 mega pixels there will also be a megapixel TFT lenses. One of the lenses is placed aside from the three lenses’ that are place in a small shell. All the camera sensors are not places on the same shell. The phone also has 32 MP front cameras for the amazing selfies you need. Battery: The phone consists of a 3,500 mAH battery, which is enough for the phone to run all day. The phone packaging also have fast charging feature. The phone supports 40W fast charging that can charge the phone with 85% of capacity in 30 minutes span of time. Price: The price of Huawei Nova 5 pro are a bit high but seeing all the features it will make you check out the new Huawei nova pro. Kindly visit your nearest stores for

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