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HSM/270 Week 3 Assignment Essay

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Week 3 Assignment
The PEACE Domestic Violence Agency is a nonprofit organization based in the metropolitan city of Portland, Oregon. The objectives of this organization are to reduce, empower and promote a better community from the domestic violence that is seen. The way to reduce the incidences of violence in people’s lives is of great concern to the PEACE agency. There is great need for a positive outcome, more so after the last five years. The increasing reports of domestic violence and youth violence have become even worse in the Portland, metropolitan city.

PEACE wants to be able not only save lives but, also promote the well-being of the lives that have been affected by domestic violence. There is also a need to reduce the prevalence of domestic violence through service provisions, education and awareness. PEACE believes in improving the quality of life for families and family members affected by a domestic violence problem. They also want to increase the knowledge to family members that have a member in prison.

They also have the want to improve the lives of individuals who have been involved in the criminal justice system to include children. They need to address the needs and recovery of any individual that has had domestic violence in their lives and has been affect by substance abuse.

To allow these individuals affected to obtain the skills, confidence, and personal support networks which will enable them to live productive and fulfilled lives. The realization that time heals all needs to also add that it takes work to become a better human being. The advantage of the PEACE program is the want to help families and family members to have a successful life. The time seems to pass us by so fast that we need to remind others to help in this process. There is only so far as the PEACE program has reached at this point and would like to educate younger adults at an early age to prevent the possibility of domestic abuse in their lives.

When starting out in the beginning of a grant proposal it is wise to realize that there is need to make the proposal of quality and competitive. It needs to have a promising beginning because, that may be the only page that is ever read. Deciding on the writing of a grant proposal, there is a need to follow the steps to come out ahead. When starting the grant proposal first acknowledge who the reviewer may be. Most organization giving grants have a review team. Just know the less people reviewing the proposal will establish a higher chance of not being rejected.

The next step should involve developing your funding search skills. Remember to verify the program and the proposal match. The need for organization is greatly needed in writing a proposal; structure is the key to success. To begin think in sections as to what comes first, for example start with what the program really needs to address the needs and problem statement is a good place to start. Follow through with the projects purpose, then research and design a work plan to figure the activities and timelines.

The need to prove the importance of the project is what the reviewers want to see, the overall goals and specific objectives. The need for a literature review is needed to back up the needs and problems statement. This is needed to look at the most common thinking on the issue (Yuen and Terao, 2003). To move on look at the target population and make sure that this area is clearly recognized. Look at the approaches and methods that may bring about change in the proposal. As you go from vision to mission, goals, objectives and activities make sure these are not far away or out of reach (Yuen and Terao, 2003). Envision the tasks and outcomes that are needed to illustrate a detailed project plan. Stick to the specific aims and development framework, the issues to be addressed by the project (Yuen and Terao, 2003). Enlighten the work with a working hypothesis and proposed outcomes and the means to achieve the outcomes (Yuen and Terao, 2003).

The projections or outcomes will help to address the achievement\and evaluation strategies. The final yet importance, is to review the evaluation on the proposal. The intricate way to finishing a grant proposal is to go over it until there are the importance and outcomes of the needs of the program. Just remember not everyone can win the outcome, just try and make it the most transparent.

Yuen, F. & Terao, K. (2003). Practical grant writing & program evaluation. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole—Thomson Learning.

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