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HSE Management system

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (773 words)
Categories: Business,Management
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Management and supervision (at all levels) shall be regarded as being fully committed to HSE by all staff and contractors. They are to be seen as providing a leading role towards constant improvement through leadershiptheir behaviours and action planning. Their HSE performance will be assessed against achievement of annual objectives.

Element 2.Policy and Strategic Objectives

This HSEMS element addresses corporate intentions, principles of action and aspirations with respect to health, safety and environment and the aim of improved HSE performance.

Basic Requirements

Companies shall have a written HSE policy embodying as a minimumthe ADNOC Group Policy contents.

HSE objectives shall be challenging understood by all and consistently incorporated in policies. In setting objectives management shall consider the overall risk levels of their Companies’ activities and shall identify those critical operations and installations requiring a fully documented demonstration that risks have been reduced to as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).

Element 3.Organisation, Resources and Competence

This HSEMS element addresses the organisation of people, resources and the competence required for sound HSE performance.

Basic Requirements

The necessary organisation and resources to comply with the HSEMS shall be provided. Responsibilities at all levels shall be clearly described, communicated and understood. Staff shall be developed following structured competency assessment and training systems. Contractors will be required to manage HSE in their activities as per or better than the company objectives. HSE communication shall be effective and structured to provide key information to all relevant organisation levels.

Element 4Risk Evaluation and Management

This HSEMS element addresses the identification, evaluation and management of HSE hazards and evaluation of HSE risks, for all activities, products and services, and the development of measures to reduce these risks.

Basic Requirements

The risk management process for all HSE critical operations and installations shall include: -an inventory of the major hazards to the environment and to the health and safety of personnel the public and customers from all the activitiesmaterials products and services; -an assessment of the related risks implementation of measures to control these risks and to recover in case of control failure. The up-to-date inventory of hazards and assessed risks relating to the usestorage transport and disposal of all products is available to the workforcecustomers and others. Product stewardship shall be applied at all stages of product life cycle relevant to the Company’s activities.

Health Safety and Environmental impact assessment (including a consideration of social impacts) shall be conducted prior to all new activities facility developments and/or significant modifications to existing ones. Health risk assessment shall address physical chemical biologicalergonomic and psychological health hazards associated with the work environment. Soil and groundwater contamination shall be assessed and where required control or remediation shall be in-hand. An HSE assessment shall form an integral part of any proposal for acquisition divestment abandonment or merger of business entities.

Element 5Planning, Standards and Procedures

This HSEMS element addresses the planning of work activities and the standards and procedures along which these shall be executed, specifically the risk reduction measures as selected through the evaluation and risk management process. It includes safeguarding the integrity of assets, managing changes and developing and testing emergency response measures.

Basic Requirements

An HSE Plan shall be in place which demonstrates pursuit of continuous improvement principles at all organisation levels. HSE Critical equipment shall be subject to adequate asset integrity controls. Adequate standards and procedures, derived from clearly defined risk assessments/analyses, or internationally acceptable practices shall be in place and understood at the appropriate organisational levels. Preparation, review and distribution of all key reference documentation shall be adequately controlled. Change, in all its typical business aspects, will be adequately controlled. Emergency response procedures (including HSE emergencies) shall be regularly tested.

Element 6Implementation and Monitoring

This HSEMS element addresses the manner in which activities are to be performed and monitored, and corrective action to be taken when necessary.

Basic Requirements

All HSE critical activities shall be executed according to the set standards, procedures and work instructions. HSE performance targets shall be set to ensure progression towards the long-term goals of no harm to people and no damage to the environment. Performance indicators shall be established, monitored and results reported in a way that can be externally verified. All HSE incidents and near misses with significant actual or potential consequences shall be thoroughly investigated and reported and action shall be taken to avoid reoccurrence.

Element 7Audit

Basic Requirements

An audit programme shall be in place to review and verify effectiveness of the management system. It shall include audits by auditors independent of the process or facility audited.

Element 8Management Review

Basic Requirements
Management shall regularly review the suitability and effectiveness of the HSE ms

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