HRM 592 Week 5 Mini Paper Essay

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HRM 592 Week 5 Mini Paper

Walmart currently employees more that 2 million people worldwide in their more than 10,000 retail stores, strategically located in 27 different countries worldwide (Walmart Inc., 2013). In 2012 the company reported earning well over 400 billion dollars (Walmart Inc., 2013; “Walmart- Refocus,” 2006). Here in the third week of the needs assessment being conducted on behalf of our client Sams’s Club a division of Walmart Inc., the focus surrounds the collection and its analysis.

Following the collection of data and a meeting was held with Sam’s Club management and a recommendation was made based on this analysis. The recommendations made was based on the findings generated from random customer satisfaction survey, selection process for focus groups, identifying and documenting key organizational objectives through questionnaires and surveys, collecting and tabulating responses from returned email questionnaires conducted over a two week period.

As the world’s largest retailer, Walmart still faces the potential of not having the relative flexibility to act swiftly in response to changing global markets, fostering a universal company culture in all its locations, addressing the high rates of turnovers, or providing the same level of customer service and productivity globally.

Realizing that there are several areas that need to be address using data collected from several source, random customer survey, employee surveys and questionnaire, small focus groups, the data determined the best approach to achieving improvement in alignment with the company’s goal is to address the issue of poor job satisfaction, which data indicates is a direct result of high turnover rates seen by Walmart. According to one finding although the retail giant has continued to grow and expand it US market shares an increase of 13 percent in the past five years, workforce in Walmart stores, and Sam’s Club has fallen by about 1.4 percent during that same time (Ungar, 2013).

The growth of the organizations has continued, however, the workforce needed to effectively meet the needs of the customer has been overlook. Based on the employee surveys, workers feel overworked, undervalued, underpaid, unclear promotional pathway, especially females. The 2001 PeopleSoft employee data release by Walmart, shows that women are represented a disproportionately higher rate than males in positions that pay an hourly rate, while men are represented at the higher salaried management positions (Drogin, 2003).

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