HR Plan of Action for QV Solar LLC Essay

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HR Plan of Action for QV Solar LLC

QV Solar LLC has experienced rapid growth that has seen an increase it its staff from 15 to 54 last year in spite of the global economic recession. In order to maintain the position and develop the company as a “green” company, the Company’s HR proposes a series of strategies that will encourage change and an increase in productivity. The policies will mainly focus primarily on improving the efficiency of the Company’s current workforce since hiring of new employees will not be an immediate viable scheme.

The plan will target making the staff understand the company’s mission better by reevaluating their roles and understanding what is specifically expected of them for enhanced success of the company. In order to realize effective change among staff, the HR will target capacity building and teamwork as key concepts of management and ensure that adequate resources are provided to facilitate creation of an environment that favors much success.

The HR will design a structure that facilitates constructive feedback from all departments in order to facilitate a systematic flow of information at various organization levels. The smooth flow of information will ultimately lead to the development of better opportunities for a more rapid growth of the company. QV Solar LLC’s HR Plan of Action will be based on Joel Ross and Michael Kami’s opinion that “managers should avoid organizational rigor mortis… that change is inevitable, and the organization as well as its people must accommodate the change (McConnell 315).

The plan of action will also embrace the fact that the only thing that lasts in organizations is change. That change is with organizations and keeps accelerating them. This change will not be produced by internal action only but will also be a factor of external actions- such as consideration of the value of customers to the company (McConnell 315). The HR will focus on changes in product innovation by ensuring that solar panels are tailored as per customer specifications.

In order to achieve this, QV Solar LLC should focus on feedback from staff when they install solar panels for customers. Along this line, staff should be trained to facilitate better installation and human relation with customers. The training program will entail integration of staff and customer ideas to ensure that the solar panels are of the highest quality and thus promote QV Solar LLC as a “greener” company. The training program will be followed by a follow-up evaluation to monitor its effectiveness with a view that customers’ ideas are vital for the Company’s success.

The Company’s objective to maintain a clean environment will be facilitated by incorporating customers in a program where they can return their panels to the company for recycling as a means of exercising corporate responsibility. This will also emphasize the fact that change is realized not only from within an organization but also from customers and the prevailing environment. In order to capture a larger share of the market, the HR will review staff performance from time to time and ensure that their skills are constantly ameliorated.

This will be will be achieved by ensuring that the employees can work in various departments in different capacities in order to develop a multiplicity of skills that will enhance the company’s productivity without necessarily having to hire more staff. In summary, QV Solar LLC’s Plan of Action will entail strategies that aim at improving productivity by improving the efficiency of employees while recognizing the customer as the most important part of the organization.

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