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Hozards of Residential Home for the Elderly

I have been given the task to be carer for the residential home for the elderly where I got asked to produce guidance on hazards to give new carers as part of their induction. This is important as many hazards can lead to bigger things for example on their health or security.

They are many hazards and risks in health and social care many things can happen. A hazard is something that could cause harm whether is harm to the carer or the service user in a health and social an example will be that they can have a wheel chair in the corridor which could cause them to get hurt as they won’t be able to get through the corridor and they won’t be sufficient space.

A risk is something were vulnerable to what something could happen in health and social care they are many risks in which we can get harmed it is important to consider all the risks as it can cause damage to the carer an example is where she can be walking through a corridor and they can be a spillage on the floor and she could be carrying food for a service user and she could slip or if there was a table nearby she could hit her head on it.

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a risk can also be something where you can suffer health effects where it could be aggression and violence these types are quite often in a care home aswell as trips is a risk as it could lead to many things and in a car home these are quite often and to prevent this there should be a risk assessment carried out.

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They’re a lot of health hazards in a care home, a health hazard is a potential source of danger to someone’s health which can be anything where it could even land a carer in hospital or to a small injury it even can affect a service user where they can have allergic reaction which could lead them to many things

A safety hazard is unsafe working conditions for example where you can cause injury, illness and death in a care home it could be many things for example a spillage may cause you to break your leg. They are also hazards which can lead either the carer or the service user to get injured an example of this can be an intruder entering the care home and can cause harm to the individuals

A security hazard is where private information can be leaked for example confidentiality can be leaked where it can be private information about a individual which is supposed to be disclosed and this can be leaked where the carers can be having a conversation and it could be passed around to another carer which can also affect her dignity.

There are many hazards in a physical form in a care home setting as they are many objects you are at risk to even to the service users can be that the carer can be sleepy and tired in where they can give the wrong medication to the service user which could lead to many things. as well as they can just spill water on the fall where the carer could slip and the glass could break .As well in a carer home they can be theft where the service users could steal wheel chairs and equipment which could themselves as these items are expensive. Another safety and health hazard is by locking medicines away if maybe the carer takes the wrong medication thinking its right or they purposely take the wrong medication can lead them to overdose.

Slippery floors

In a nursing home there are many hazards in a physical environment an example of this is objects on the floor where the carer could be walking past as they can easily hurt herself on it or just simply walk into it as well, another problem in a nursing home is the slippery floors where they could be spillages an she could just slip or fall.

Equipment in corridors

There any many hazards in a physical environment they can be many equipment in the corridors which can cause many issues an example of this is the wheel chairs in corridors which can cause a career to walk into it as its been left in corridors which can cause issues to walk past as the corridors will be narrow and they will struggle to walk In it if there was helping a service user walk and themselves.

Worn carpets

Even worn carpets can become an issue where they can easily slip and fall over the carpet and can cause a serious fall where the career and fall and it can be come injuries where she could hurt her break her leg or she can just hurt her head.

Plug sockets

In a nursing home there are a lot of plug sockets and by plug sockets they can cause many issues in where the service user if the carer could just simply by accidently drop their water all over the electrically which can cause them to have an electric shock and then cause injury’s to their health as well as damage in this way you’re supposed to have drinks or anything liquid away from electrically especially plug sockets as it can be the same for electrical wires where it can cause major harm to an individual leaving injuries to them as well as their health as it can cause it short term as well as long having liquids and you trip over or somehow you manage to spill it on plug sockets it then causes the wires to melt and break the circuit and the minimal injury can happen is the burn and by breaking the circuit it could lead you to fire or an explosion,.

Locked doors and unlocked doors

The ability to have doors locked will have confidential information hidden an example can be a service user medical history where it is supposed to be confidential by having doors locked it is creating privacy in many ways by doing this it is preventing the dignity being removed of an individual as well as important information being leaked to the rest of the care home as well as by having it locked it is preventing for the service users to leave and enter. as well in a care home it is vital that you can lock and unlock doors in a care home as easily a intruder can walk in the care home and by having the doors locked it is the safety of the service users as they can easily just leave the care home at night if the doors wasn’t locked and that the keys of the care home or door keys they should be always left with the care workers.

Hot liquids

Another hazard in a physical environment is hot liquids by having hot liquids you can easily spill them on many things if liquid gets spilt on the wires it can cause one wire to blow and then the others which then can cause all the electrics to go as well as having hot liquids you can also spill it on yourself by having hot liquid is like having boiled water where you can burn yourself an example can be tea or coffee and if they was tangled wires on the floor the carer could easily slip and break the cup causing her to maybe cut or burn herself. And making sure it is kept miniunum an example of this when you are helping a service user to have a bath or a shower it is important that the water temperature is at certain point where it doesn’t cause the service user or the service user provider some injury’s. where it could cause them burns and in a care home the carer should always make sure that the hot liquids are set at a reasonable temperature for the safety of them and their service users.

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