How well is Whole Foods Market performing from a strategic perspective? Essay

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How well is Whole Foods Market performing from a strategic perspective?

The chief elements of the strategy

There are chief strategies are WHOLE FOOD, WHOLE PEOPLE and WHOLE PLANET.

* Selling the Highest Quality Natural and Organic Products Available

This is brand image of whole food market. And John Mackey created the first market in highest quality natural and organic products. It is successful.

* Satisfying and Delighting Our Customers

Worth of mouth is better than advertisement. Though the price more expensive than the other market, if customers have enough money, they are willing to buy highest quality and price natural and organic products in whole food market

* Team Member Happiness and Excellence

Make employee excellence; make customers happiness, Whole Food Market put customer in first, employees in second, shareholders in the end.

* Creating Wealth Through Profits & Growth

Sell highest quality health food in higher price not only earn more money but also can Survey of most or worse market demand

* Caring About Our Communities & Our Environment

Good environment about produce natural and Organic Products such as vegetable and animals growth in their growth cycle without chemical pesticide and Hormone

WFM’s core values

These core values are the soul of Whole Foods Market.

* Their deepest purpose as an organization was helping support the health. Selling the highest quality natural and organic products is their goal. Now our life is becoming better and better, and many people more and more attention to their health. The price of Whole Foods Market are more expensive than other similar market, but customers also want to buy it. Because they have high quality products.

* The customer is God. Company provides with the best customer service, more meaningful value products and has a competitive price to customers. Try to achieve or exceed customer expectations as much as possible, and then help company to improve other performance. So, satisfying and delighting customers is very important.

* The company has a good internal environment. Let employees can try their best to get a good job. Team members will communicate and cooperate with each other and obtain the many kinds of information and knowledge. Employees can creative more ideas. Using the power of groups to make an effort to company.

The key of contributed to Whole Foods Market success are highest quality, satisfying customers and team force.

How well is Whole Foods Market performing from a strategic perspective? Is the strategy working? Does the company have a winning strategy?

The Whole Foods brand stands for best- quality, organic goods, is performing well from a strategic prospective as they are increasing their locations and markets. They continue to provide healthy high quality foods and brands that are good for consumers, the environment, and their own growth in the industry. Whole food appeals to a greater social responsibility and has a strong distribution network.

They have a competitive advantage to other supermarkets because of their high and fine products that they carry. This company had different acquisitions. One of the acquisitions Whole Food had was when they bought Wild Oats Market. This was a good acquisition Whole Foods made because it opened a lot of opportunities to success as a better company. Whole Foods also has the advantage of a well-known name that’s associated with a higher quality for supermarket products at more competitive prices.

Whole Foods has a variety of products and brand selection. These included some 30,000 natural, organic, and gourmet food products and nonfood items. The company has a broad range of products including beverages, snacks, frozen items, pantry staples and different supplements. In addition, Whole Foods appraise quality by nutrition, freshness, and appearance. This company put a lot of emphasis in the health of their customers; therefore the company wants to offer the best quality possible.


1. Deferment of Expansion Market: carrying cooperation approach is more cost-effective. You can also detection of this place is whether or not suitable for whole food to survive. The characteristics products and self-owned brand of the food put on the supermarket of cooperation to sale is very good way.

2. Adjust Measures to Local Conditions each busy section or prosperous business district faces high-end consumers is not the same. For example cooperation with the Chinese market , if whole food will open in Shanghai, because the Shanghai is the cosmopolitan city, The high-end supermarket target consumer groups will be mainly focused on a foreign high-end consumers. High quality high level of the organic food will no longer be whole food characteristics, but can afford a high price of people would not less. If whole food market will locate in Xiamen, high quality high level of the organic food can be whole food characteristics, not like Shanghai that would have so many people to buy.

3. Local Culture: Internationalization is a huge barrier, China is a large agricultural country, cooperation with the Chinese Farm, into some of the local culture, it can cut down the price, and also can helps to keep food fresh cooperation with the local farm, launch of the local characteristics of organic food, so as to attract more high-end consumers. Road transport conditions of China are good; it has a great degree of protection for fresh food

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