How Was The Social Relationships Of Characters In Hard Times?

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Social relationships vary from marriage, sister and brother relationship to people to relationships in general. First, Mr. Gradgrind always cares around facts and sensible considering, and we do not see him approximately his wife, we see her wife almost detached within the course of the novel. Besides, he raises his children depending on the facts and does not allow them to play or imagine and to have an innocent childhood: “Now, what I want is a fact (Dickens, 1854). He teaches these boys and girls nothing but facts.

Facts are alone wanted “. Thus, we do not see a happy or a warm family in Gradgrind’s house. Also, the fact-based upbringing provided by Mr. Gradgrind brought about in Louisa and Tom getting to be sincerely hindered and withdrawn. The complete lack of any kind of encouragement to help them imagine and develop any of their more sensitive characteristics resulted in Louisa‘s emotional inaccessibility towards everyone and Tom’s bad character.

It is interesting that when Mr.

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Gradgrind tells Louisa of Mr. Boundarby proposal, that he again returns to facts and how these should be the only influence upon Louisa’s decision, rather than appealing to her feelings and emotions. One day when Louisa and Tom were sitting together and talking about getting away from this society and this reality that their father upon themselves, Tom told Louisa “I am sick of my life, loo. I hate it altogether, and I hate everybody except you; said the unnatural young Thomas Gradgrind in the hair-cutting chamber at twilight”(Dickens, 1996).

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When Tom said, “I am sick of my life” he means life which was restricted by his father and impose by his own father. So for that reason Tom tried to Louisa accept Mr. Boundarby for his own goals and benefits it means Tom spiritually encouraging her that was Louisa totally selfish, he does not get any power and any spiritual strength from his own sister. From the beginning, Louisa had sat looking at him fixedly. She sat in the darker corner by the fireside, darker corner it is the sign for being a prisoner and she was in a prison. Prison was not a real prison but this way of life was just like a prison her home was a prison and she supposes to see the world behind the facts of these prisons because she was put in a jail always she was looking and gazing at the spark of the fire because it is the sign of wondering. When you come to meditate to look and gaze as the spark of the fire, you are giving a chance for your mind to go on you are making a journey, a spiritual journey and imagination.

However, Louisa had this little chance to free herself from the bound and the distraction of giving the write for herself to imagine. Also, darker corner shows for the dark vision of Louisa for her future life dark vision is not only for Louisa because she is a representative character so darker vision for women in general at that time. So, Tom, Louisa, and Mrs. Gradgrind were victimized by Mr. Gradgrind’s facts. Here we see a man bowed down with the realization of how he has impacted his children’s lives for the worse, and trying desperately to salvage something beneficial from the situation now but also recognizing how much damage he has done and hard it will be to repair it (Raising children in hard Times, n.d). Second, Mr. Boundarby was a rich man: banker, merchant, manufacture, and what not. A big, loud man, with a stare and a metallic laugh.

A man made of a course material, which seemed to have been stretched to make so much of him. A man who could never sufficiently vaunt himself as a self-made man (Dickens, 1854). Although he is Mr. Gradgrind’s closest companion, Josiah Boundarby is more inspired by cash and power than in facts. Surely, he is himself a fiction, or a fake. Boundarby’s inflated sense of pleasure is illustrated by his oft-repeated declaration, “I am Josiah Boundarby of Coketown”. The assertion typically prefaces the story of Boundary’s childhood poverty and suffering, a story designed to impress its listeners with a sense of the young Josiah Boundarby’s determination and self-discipline. However, Dickens explores the myth of the self-made man when Boundarby’s mother, Mrs. Pegler, reveals that her Son had a decent, loving childhood and a good education, and that he was not abandoned, after all. Boundarby’s attitude represents the social changes created by industrialization and capitalism. Whereas birth or bloodline formerly determined the social hierarchy, in an industrialized, capitalist society, wealth determines who holds the most power. Thus, Boundarby takes great delight because Mrs. Sparsit, an aristocratic who has fallen on hard times, has become his servant, while his own ambition has enabled him to rise from humble beginnings to become the wealthy owner of a factory and a bank.

However, in depicting Boundarby, the capitalist, as a coarse, vain, self-interested hypocrite, Dickens implies that Boundarby uses his wealth and power irresponsibly, contributing to the muddled relations between rich and poor, especially in his treatment of Stephen after the Hands cast Stephen out to form a union. Also, Boundarby asked Mr. Gradgrind to propose Louisa to marry with him, then he married with Louisa, but this marriage became an unhappy marriage. In contrast, Mr. Boundarby and Louisa’s separation leaves divorce unclear. He sends her packing and resumes his bachelor life. Boundarby dies a few years later, and Louisa grows up to never have children, which leads the reader to believe she could not marry again.

If Boundarby dies, however, shouldn’t Louisa be able to get married? Dickens leaves this matter unclear, though it could be assumed that Boundarby has enough money to pay for a divorce. Third, sissy jupe is a circus girl of salary’s circus and a student of Tomas Gradgrind’s very strict classroom. Sissy has her very own set of values beliefs which make her seem unintelligent in the Gradgrind residence At quite the novel, when the Gradgrind’s philosophy of religiously adhering solely to information breaks down, the sissy is the personality teaches them how to live. Sissy Jupe is first delivered to the readers as Girl Number Twenty in Gradgrind’s classroom.

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