How Walmart Can Improve Sales Essay

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How Walmart Can Improve Sales

1. What strategies would you recommend to current CEO Mike Duke?

2. How can Wal-Mart benefit from Internet retailing?

“The internet has interesting aspects and will definitely serve a growing market throughout the 21st Century.” (David, P. 69) allows customers easy and convenient access to Wal-Mart’s millions of products without leaving their homes; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year; in turn will boost sales because is able to display all products available, unlike store, which have limited space. As long as continues to offer low prices and low shipping prices with the same quality of service, with easy checkout, it can be most profitable allowing Wal-Mart to benefit from internet retailing.

3. How aggressively should Wal-Mart expand internationally and where?

I don’t believe Wal-Mart should move progressively when expanding internationally. It is the right time to expand internationally, anywhere east of the North America continent. Wal-Mart expanding internationally keeps them from being vulnerable to fluctuations of the U.S. dollar, allowing them to generate earnings from the countries east of the U.S. Wal-Mart should expand aggressively, which will allow customers all over the world “to associate their name with low cost, greatest selection of quality merchandise and highest standards of customer service.” (David, P. 68)

4. Should Wal-Mart expand the convenient store concept in China and other markets?

I believe it is a good idea to expand the convenient store concept in China and other markets. According to Convenience Store News; “small formats are leading store growth in the Asia-Pacific region with traditional convenience stores seeing significant growth. China added more than 4,000 new c-stores in the past 12 months.” (Kress, 2012)

5. Should Wal-Mart get a foothold in Europe before competitors seize the initiative?

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