How Volunteering as a Teacher Has Positively Influenced Myself and My Community

Tell us about a specific and significant contribution you have made to your community or country. Please include how you utilized your leadership abilities and embraced diversity in your contribution. What inspired you to make this contribution? What were the outcomes? (500 words) Being born to and raised by an average family in a Third World country, I have always struggled to get a better education andjob opportunities to have a decent life, As a person who would appreciate helping hands to reach to my dream place, I always look out for chances when I can be a giver so that my people and my country do not need to struggle all the time.

While working in a company in 2013, a friend of mine asked me to join free English Language class at Htein Htein Thar Education Institute. a charity based school by the NLD party (Lanmadaw), There I found my chance to support people in need, to give volunteer service to the community.

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That is how I started my volunteer activities in Htein Htein Thar School as a basic computer teacher. They were looking for a volunteer computer teacher for young people who had little or no knowledge about computers.

I was so excited to do the volunteering work at that school as I was the one who had needed a giving hand and it was my chance to be the giving one, It is also one of the moments I am proud of the most. Doing Volunteer while on full time job was not so easy for me.

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especially when l single— handedly designed, planned and delivered the course. Plus, It was my very first time giving training so that it took a great deal of my time and effort. Throughout the course, although I was so tired some time, I was grateful to share knowledge and to give training to younger generation regardless of their race, gender or religion. Volunteering work at Htein Htein Thar school gave me an invaluable experience in return. Through that training experiences, I have found that I am able to help and serve the community. Moreover, volunteering works have allowed me to utilized my leadership skills, communication skills and organizational skill as I had to prepare and lead for the whole training by myself. I do believe giving basic computer training provides a foundation of both education and a path to their professional career.

During the training I was able to help them to understand the important role of information technology in this modern world. Moreover, I was able to help them to understand that everyone has his/her own strength and that we should embrace it to make a better living space for everyone. For instance, I encourage them to exchange their background knowledge and appreciate what other people can do, Every group project, I made sure that they included a diverse cast of people with different strengths. without judging their age, gender or skin of colour. The training was not only beneficial to those students to keep up with up—to—date technology but also allowed me to understand how to be a responsible accountable person for what I have started. I also have come [0 realized that the more I provide assistance to other people the happier I become. No matter how small things I have done and those actions can have a big impact in the community, Since then, I have been doing volunteer works and charity acts to less fortunate people so that they could reach their goals faster, and in return. my country will grow as a whole.

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