How Volcanoes Came to Be Essay

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How Volcanoes Came to Be

Hephaestus god of blacksmiths and fire wanted revenge on all the villages that used his gift of metallurgy for war and killing so he went up to Zeus to ask him for a way to devastate their population. Zeus thought for a while and decided to give him the deserted mountains on the others side of the valley and let him chose what he wanted to do with them. “I’d like to make them burst into an explosion of liquid fire.” he said “Ha ha ha” laughed the father god, “ thinking of that already, Good luck getting them to come. Their civilization is at its best and the villagers have no reason to go to the other side.” “I’ll find a way.” He answered not so sure about what he had just said.

He went to his workshop, sat down a while looking for a solution. Suddenly an idea came up to him, he could fertilize the soil around the volcano to attract farmers from the village. Other people would come and the whole village might move across the valley to the other side then he could strike. But the problem was, that the only way to fertilize the soil was if Demeter, the goddess of crops and harvest, did it herself and she probably wouldn’t agree to help Hephaestus.

Once again, he sat down to think and he figured that if Demeter fell in love with him, she could help him. He had to use the magic girdle he made to make her fall in love with him. The next night he crept into his wife Aphrodite’s room and he tried pulling it off her neck but he forgot that he made it to be impossible to take off. Hephaestus got so mad he could have burned the whole palace. “But wait” he whispered to himself. “Since I made it once, I can make another one” so he started building one. He worked all night until he remembered he needed a sacred pearl from the temple of scull creek…

Once at the temple he searched all over for the pearl but he had no idea were it was. It had been given to him as a gift from a mortal blacksmith who now died of old age. He searched for about three hours until he came across a huge metallic door with two pipes opened on one end around the middle of the door. The other end of the pipes led up to big metal bars. He didn’t know how to open until he saw drawings on each corner of the door: lightning, water, rock, and fire.

He took a deep breath, spread his hands out and shot fire into the opening of the tubes, then the metal bars spread apart and the door swung open. But to his great surprise a labyrinth lay ahead of him. He tried burning trough the steel walls and he started going all over the place. There were obstacles such as dead ends, furies, and harpies. He slayed them all until he came across a sphinx. He tried killing it like he did to the other beasts he came across but no mater what he did the sphinx was still unharmed. Then, the sphinx said “Only one color, but not one size,

Stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies,
Present in the sun, but not in the rain
Doing no harm, feeling no pain.”
Hephaestus, being very tired and confused simply said, “Just let me pass!” “Only one color, but not one size,
Stuck at the bottom, yet easily flies,
Present in the sun, but not in the rain
Doing no harm, feeling no pain.” Repeated the sphinx
Hephaestus answered, “So that’s the way you want to play huh?” Once again the sphinx repeated the riddle,
So Hephaestus thought for a while until he suddenly sprang up and shouted out loud, “I got it! It’s a shadow.”
In a very monotone voice the sphinx said, “indeed, and to those in need I shall reveal my name.”
“What is your name?” Asked Hephaestus curiously.
“Vulcan.” he answered as he flew away.

Hephaestus then realized he had no interest in knowing his name so he was going to keep on walking until he saw what he was looking for. Behind the place where Vulcan previously was, lay a small chest already half opened. Inside was a small pearl with a swirl of two colors, purple and pink. He took the pearl with the chest. Exiting the labyrinth wasn’t quite as easy as he thought but once at the huge metal door, he didn’t have any way to open it. He thought, “All of this for nothing!” suddenly an idea came up to him. He shouted “Vulcan” and once again, the door swung open. In the temple he rushed back to his workshop and inserted the pearl into the necklace.

With his new girdle, he went up to Demeter and before he could say a single word Demeter said, “Oh, you look so beautiful! Is there anything I could do for you?” “Well thank you.” he answered quite amazed that the girdle worked that well “I could use a little help fertilizing the soil around these two mountains over there.” He continued pointing at the mountains on the far side of the valley. In a snap the rocky bottom around the mountain became so green he was blinded just looking at it. When he realized how well his plan had worked, he rushed to the village. He found a poor farmer with barely any land so told him that he highly recommends the unused land on the other side of the valley. The farmer looked over in amazement,

“That land is perfect! I will make fortunes out of that!” He exclaimed. So he rushed to his farm, he took a horse, and he started galloping to the land that he thought was amazing. Over there he built the most glorious farm you could ever imagine. It was a small barn but the crops were growing exceptionally well and they were good to. It wasn’t long until over half of the village crossed over from one side of the Snake River to the other.

After tree months the original village was abandoned and the villagers all formed a new village, Farm’s ville. But there was a war and once again Hephaestus got mad at the village fore using his gift of metallurgy for killing so he burned the mountain and suddenly, it erupted. Everyone started running all over but after a week of the new volcano god’s devastation he stopped making sure there were no survivors. He then called this a volcano because of Vulcan.

This explains why up to this day how volcanoes came to be, their name, and why the soil is fertile at their base.

Please note I wrote this in sixth grade. I am just uploading it because of the ideas.

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