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How two body system interrelate with each other

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The cardiovascular and digestive system are interrelate with each other to perform a named function of function by the food we eat. Which absorbed and passed down the oesophagus into the small intestine. It is then absorbed into the blood, which the cardiovascular then passes around the body supplying it with all the nutrients. By the cardiovascular system passing blood around the body with all the nutrients from food, it is supplying all the organs and body parts with energy so they can continue to work properly

Another link between the cardiovascular system and the digestive system is that they both works hard when the body has to process a lot of food.

For example, the digestive system needs more blood to do the job; therefore, blood vessels expand in preparation for this. Digestive organs stimulate the heart through nerve impulses, sending signals for increased amount of blood. The heart responds accordingly by sending more blood supply to the digestive system.

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The cardiovascular and digestive are system interrelate with each other to perform a named function of function transport oxygenated blood form the limbs around the body into cells. The oxygenated blood contains oxygen which is used by the cells to produce energy in the process of respiration.

Digestive system needs the cardiovascular system for a proper digestive to continue. Become energy need blood to flow and the part of digestive. System e.g. intestine need blood to function properly. The cardiovascular delivers disgusted nutrient from the digestive system to the body for circulation and into the cells where respiration takes places.

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The cardiovascular system pastes blood around oxygen and nutrient and the body for the role purpose of energy production.

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How two body system interrelate with each other

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