How to Write Reflective Essay for University

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A reflective paper is a type of assignment, which aims at the production of the analysis of the experience the writer has gained. The writer who prepares a paper usually describes the knowledge he got, the new information he collected. Here one analyzes the experience and new info and produces the reflection. Talking about the real or imagined things is possible. You can describe the person who influenced you or the condition that influenced transformation of your personality. You can present to the reader the evaluation of the situation.

You have to deepen in the details, mentioning the feeling you had at that moment. Moreover, do not forget to write how this situation or knowledge have reshaped you. Writing reflective essay demands serious approach as well as good skills. One has to be aware of all the nuances that should be preserved in the reflective essay writing.

It is an entirely individual kind of text. Here is the short thoughtful essay scheme.

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Exist special structural parameters according to which writer should try to compile the paper. Primarily, the author has to pick the theme if it is not mentioned in the task by the supervisor. Then, conducting a small brainstorming exercise on the pre-writing stage is necessary. It presupposes a questioning process with specific questions about the main issues. Try to identify them. Note the ideas that come to your mind. They will become a source in future. Try to formulate clear and distinct sentences; they should be in the form of the descriptive text supporting the main point.

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If you are referencing to the particular case, try to compile a summary. Try to include small details that can enforce your central idea. Make sure, you cover questions that may help to create logically formulated assignment covering all the main points that are supposed to be included in the text.

The formulation of the reflective paper is simple. The average length includes approximately 300 – 800 words. Be sure to have consulted the demands of the article because the supervisor has to mention the word count. The next step is the creation of the intro. The central element of the intro is the spine of the essay – the thesis. In the reflective article as a thesis serves the statement, describing the conclusion made based on the current issue. It can also be the memory you want to carry in your mind. Provide the target audience with the explanation of the main point you are going to concentrate on. The reflective essay you are preparing should tell the reader about the model according to which you are going to compile the reflection.

As soon as you have formulated the central thesis, you may turn you into your first draft. The tremendous reflective essay must be sense-loaded. That is why the summary you have prepared during the pre-writing stage will become a valuable assistant for you. The main body of the right reflective essay has to include the information that describes the knowledge acquired through the current experience or a lecture that you were attending. Describe the feeling you were having at that time. Provide the target reader with the evaluation of the experience acquired recently or the knowledge, which you received. Make sure, that you have written the analysis of the central issue. Apply your critical thinking skills and your writing skillfulness to formulate concise and fluent text. You have to describe all the smallest details up to the thoughts and feelings. Each idea or statement should be discussed in a separate paragraph. Each abstract should have the individual topic sentence to let the reader trace the flow of thoughts of the writer.

The final part your reflective essay is supposed to have should present a summary of the statements provided in the main body. It should describe the results you have received from the experience, lesson or a specific life situation. While you are writing, present the ideas logically. Try to avoid long, cluttered sentences. Steer clear from the usage of the information that is not your personal. Preserve the academic tone of the writing. Use the appropriate formal language. During, the post writing stage, try to analyze the structure of the sentences as well as the general format of the work. Use the first words that will allow organizing your thoughts logically. The strong reflective writer knows how to combine everything properly. Mind that reflective paper is not as easy as pie. Be attentive and concentrated.

It is necessary to bear in mind the fact that the reflective essay type depends on the information you are going to take as a basis. In case you are analyzing the story or poem and writing a response to it, it is called a literature type. Another kind of assignment is called a professional model. This one is prepared by the specialists of certain fields during their training with the aim to trace their progress. Reflective essay helps them to get the better understanding concerning the essence of their jobs. Educational kinds are the tasks for the members of university or college. They are based on the lectures. In those tasks, they ask the student to produce the reflection concerning specific subjects as well as the quality and content of the lectures to make the studying process more efficient. Personal kind of the writings presupposes the description, analysis, and reaction concerning individual experience.

Overall, the way you write reflective essay influences its content as respectively the evaluation. Specific rules and tips will guide you. To understand the task the writer has to understand the essence of the issue. As soon as you grasp the main idea of the writing, you can start working on the task. The work falls into three stages – the pre-writing stage, the writing stage, and the post-writing stage. The primary step includes the preparation and gathering the ideas for the future paper. The writing stage presupposes formulation of the ideas into coherent text. During the last phase, the author usually checks the final product and corrects the mistakes. The most significant point is to stick to the standards and preserve the proper structuring. According to the type reflective essay, one has to gather the necessary information to make the text relevant to the topic. It is obligatory for the author to use appropriate language being clear and distinct. The nature of paper is personal, and an individual has to describe personal attitude to the point. It is significant to avoid statements, which may include facts about somebody else. Writing the reflective essay is not a terrible challenge, however, demands excellent writing skills and ability to formulate the thoughts correctly. You can manage it!

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