The literacy narrative is a kind of writing, in which you describe any your interaction with the literacy. In this type of assignment, writers usually tell about their first experience of writing and reading. They share their memories and thoughts, which they had during the studying process. In this paper, one can also write about the impact of the literacy on one’s life in general. What is more, it is possible to dwell upon the relation between the texts, the world that surrounds us and us.

Your literacy narrative should be a story, in which you write your own experience. Start with the explanation of the impact that certain book or story has made in your life. It can be either prose or poetry. You can also tell a story about the impact of preparation of the first writing task on you. At the beginning of your story, you have to mention the information about who you were, what was your age and whether it was your first writing or reading experience. You can also mention where you were during the first receiving of the book. Describe in details the moment when you experienced the magic of reading.

In the final part of your literacy narrative, you have to tell how the reading have changed your understanding of the world and the attitude towards particular life situations. What is more, you can describe the difficulties and challenged you have faced during the very process. It is important to describe everything in detail to make your story more emotional and interesting. You can also share your attitudes towards reading and writing.

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Certain technique can help you to prepare a proper literacy narrative essay. Freewriting is an exercise helping to remove writing bocks. In practice, freewriting one needs to start writing all that come to mind during 2-3 minutes. During this time, you relieve all your thoughts without thinking about grammatical and lexical rules. Then you can read the result. It may be confusing and illogical, however, helps to relax and prepare for the writing process.

Writing a narrative essay is a task for creative and enthusiastic writers. It demands a developed creative thinking as well as good writing skills. It is a type of assignment where you have to share your experience of learning how to read or how to write. Mind that you do not have to describe everything. All you need to do is to choose the particular brightest moment and tell the reader about it. Be clear and distinct. Built the sentences logically and coherently. It is not a difficult task if you are aware of the basic writing rules and important nuances.