You don’t have to be a professional interviewer or journalist to write an interesting interview essay. All you need is to use your creativity, imagination, and pay attention to the main writing tips which you can find in this article. If you take this task seriously and follow all the main steps, it can become even an exciting experience. You will have an opportunity to act like a real journalist, and show everyone your writing talent. However, if writing is not your strength, you can just follow the following instructions, choose your topic from the examples, and finish your assignment successfully.

Writing an interview essay is not much more difficult than writing any other type of writing. Interview paper just requires the interview itself. Although this essay may need more time than usual, if it is prepared thoroughly, the interview may be amusing for both writers and readers.

What is an Interview Essay?

An excellent interview essay is a piece of writing which consists of two main parts: taking an interview and writing its summary. Before you begin asking anybody to be your interviewee, take some time to think through your plan. Begin with the choice of a person: it can be even your relative, friend, but you can also think about the local celebrity. Although the selection of the person is significant, it is more important to think of the topic. Even the most boring person may give you enough information to write a very creative and absorbing paper. The key is hidden in the topic. All you have to do is to understand this person, his or her strengths, weaknesses. You are the one who leads the conversation, be ready for that.

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Let’s clarify the next step after you have chosen the interviewee. Ask the person whether he or she is not against having a conversation and schedule a meeting. The location does play a crucial role. It is better to select a quiet cafe where you can relax, drink a cup of coffee. Such a comfortable atmosphere will create the best circumstances for sharing emotions.

When everything is set, you need to plan the meeting. If you already know this man or woman, you can think of the main topic immediately. Unless this person is someone you are acquainted with, you need to anticipate several topics. Depending on the issues you’ve selected, brainstorm possible questions related to the theme. Don’t rely on your memory; it’s much better to keep all your thoughts and ideas in black and white. It will make you more focused and your writing more consistent.

Sample Interview Essay Questions

This sample questions list focuses on the topic which is connected with the theme of Motivation. You can select these or any other questions for your conversation. Each situation is unique, but the overall plan follows the same logical pattern. There are only several questions just to show you the tendency, but when you prepare for a conversation, think of at least 20 questions.

  1. How could you describe yourself during childhood? Were you obedient or cried a lot?
  2. Did you have any childhood dreams which you managed to make true when being an adult? Are you going to fulfill other childhood dreams?
  3. How often do you dream? Do your dreams motivate you? How?
  4. Did you have situations when you were on the verge of a huge failure, but something helped you to pull yourself together and overcome difficulties? What was that? How did you feel?
  5. What or who helps you to overcome the challenges?
  6. How do you motivate yourself? Do you consider motivation to be a crucial spur to achieving success?
  7. Can you motivate others? If yes, how do you do this?
  8. Do you think motivation is more significant than the actual work in achieving success?
  9. Do you consider motivational speeches to be a considerable part of the personal development? Do you listen to TEDx speeches? What is your favorite one?
  10. Do you have an inspirational quote which helps you to get motivated anytime you need? Who said it? How do you understand this quotation?

As you see, the questions are built this way that you can adapt to the answers. Moreover, the questions begin with more general ones and gradually transform into more personal ones. Try writing down a similar list of questions on your topic. In addition, you look for some funny questions which will begin the interview just to break the ice.

How to Outline Interview Paper

The structure of the interview essay is not much different from an ordinary article. The main discrepancy is that here you can add more quotations which were said by your interviewee. You can add dialogues which include your direct questions. However, don’t rely on an ordinary communication written word by word as it was in reality. Nobody is interested in the question-answer type of writing. You should analyze the interview, make conclusions, and write an interesting paper.

Check the next outline sample to understand how your article can be structured:

  1. Introduction. It begins with the hook sentence which you can begin with an inspiring quotation or with an interesting question said by the interviewee. Think of something that will be intriguing. A good option will be to frame up your composition by beginning and concluding with the same idea or somehow relate the thoughts. Then develop the introduction to the main topic of your essay, telling the readers what you are going to prove or just describe in the paper.
  2. Body paragraphs. This is the crux of your essay. Each paragraph should develop certain ideas which are different in the aspects but have the same aim – to prove the thesis statement which is written in the introduction. Try the PEEL paragraphing which will help you structure each section separately. This strategy consists of the point sentence, giving evidence, evaluation, link sentence. If you think through the structure of each paragraph, your paper will be logical and coherent.
  3. Conclusion. Refer to the main message again. The conclusion should be connected with the introductory sentences. Make it sound inspiring because it will leave the final impression about your writing.

Preparing an outline is an indispensable part of writing. Those students who prefer to skip this step take the risk of making their paper unclear for the readers. Making a plan doesn’t require much time, but the paper improves significantly.

Interview Essay Examples

If you don’t know where to start or which topic to choose, try to think from the readers’ point of view. The theme should be up-to-date, interesting for the public and be relevant to your target audience.

The following interview essay topics examples may give you a good inspiration to begin your writing.

  1. Homeless People. This social problem is ongoing in our present-day life. There are lots of reasons why people become homeless, some of them can appear to be really interesting personalities. Moreover, it will be not that difficult to ask a homeless person to give you an interview. Invite him or her to drink coffee, buy him or her some food, and this person will be eager to tell you about life. You will not only get the necessary information for your writing but will do a good thing for the homeless.
  2. Successful businessmen or businesswomen. The question of achieving success will always be exciting. The readers as ordinary people also want to be successful, and a piece of advice from the rich will be just the job. You will have to conduct some research to find a person who is both successful and is willing to talk with you for no money. However, if you manage to get the information, the result will be fascinating.
  3. Professions which are not discussed frequently. It is likely that there are lots of people doing exciting and significant work, but they are not known among the public. Think of the librarians, film-makers, teachers in kindergarten, local musicians, surgeons. If you choose one particular job, it will be easier for you to focus on one idea.

These topic examples are just possible variants. You can make your ideas and find something that will be exciting for you. There is one rule of any type of the essay: if the writers are interested, their article will be interesting, too.

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