How to Write an Exploratory Essay?

There are plenty sorts of essays. This assignment implies liberal rules and gives certain freedom of action and thought to the writer. But still, there are sorts of essays that demand to make quite a large volume of efforts. One of these sorts is an exploratory essay.

It wants you to perform some specific work. First of all, it requires lots of analysis of different sources. You need to explore different points of view on a certain question and consolidate it in one text.

You cannot just rely on your feelings concerning the topic but to convey some serious research in the field.

It is a kind of academic writing that shows you as mature and qualified person, whose possibilities go far than possibilities of a simple student. You need to devote much more time to this assignment comparing with the other kinds of essay. Scared? You should not because it only sounds so fearful. Let`s look through this article that will help you to understand how to make the exploratory essay well.

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What is an Exploratory Essay?

As it is clear from the title, your task is to explore some specific topic. You do not need to stand for or against it but only to provide all possible approaches to it. In some sense, you do not need to invent something new but only to compile the existing thoughts on the field.

However, it would only benefit you if you add some new meaning to the topic or come to some unexpected conclusion.

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The restriction is quite conditional, and you are free to state your own thought on the topic. But still, do not forget to use existing opinions and approaches.

You should be objective and pay equipollent attention to everything that has a connection with your topic. You do not have a specific audience so feel free to write it in your own way but still remember about some common audience that could be interested in your essay.

How to Choose a Good Exploratory Essay Topic

In order to come up with the proper topic, you need to look through the problems that are of current interest in nowadays world and that still cause noticeable controversies. It may be on the field of ethical questions, collisions between cultures (such as Swiss initiative against the construction of minarets), historical and contemporary questions on politics inside the culture.

These examples are far not the final list, and it would be great if you find something more specific. In other words, you need to find something that excites public opinion. It implies the existence of more than even two opinions on the topic.

You are not asked to solve this problem but only to explore why it is still relevant. After reading your essay, there should leave the same quantity of the questions or even more. Your aim is to acquaint your reader with this question and explain him why does he or she need to know this information.

Exploratory Essay Structure

This kind of essay sticks to the immutable structure of three-part essay with introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. But filling of these parts appreciably differs from the other essays with peculiar regulation. Let`s look it through.


This part asks you to describe important issues of your topic that would be developed in the body. It is great if you use some hook to attract reader`s attention to make him involved in the topic even deeper. Usually, it is enough without creating a hook, but for the best effect, you need to make it up.

At the end of the introduction, you need to pose some question or several questions to the reader that consist the essence of the problem. These questions are argued by the society, and that is why this topic is in demand.

Body Paragraphs

Body part here may be divided into two steps:

  • In the first step, you need to describe the topic and the problem more thoroughly. Now you have a freedom to write as many words as you need. Though this first step is usually is limited to one paragraph, it won`t be a tragedy if you spend two paragraphs for a more demonstrative description of what you are going to tell.
  • The second step implies using three or more paragraphs, with each of them representing one single opinion concerning the topic. So after reader understands what he is reading, show him why he is doing it. Do not mix it all up: one paragraph – one opinion.


The conclusion here serves not only for summing up main ideas but also for expressing your own opinion on the topic. It was told earlier that you need to be objective and not to take some certain side of the argument. But this ‘rule’ refers to the body of the essay.

Here you nearly have to tell what you think about the question. You may adhere to the ideas discussed in the body paragraphs or as it was told in the beginning to come up with some new resume and new sight on the problem.

Also, you can explain why you chose this topic to discuss. Since you are the author of this essay, everyone wants to see you as a person who is deeply keen on the question described, so it is better not to tell if you chose it because it is popular in society but does not rouse you, or you even despise talks about it.


Usually, the last paragraph of the article like this ends up with examples. There is strong belief that examples only help one to apprehend information better. But it is not. When it comes to writing, examples distract a writer from his own thoughts. He is blindly guided by someone`s words and loses his own ones. It is impossible to get good academic text being directed by completed text. Writing implies imagination, sparkling wit and sincerity.

Everything a genuine writer needs to know about writing essays in general and exploratory essays, in particular, is the essence of the task, its structure, several rules/regulations/recommendations, and useful tips.

Now you know how to make exploratory essay up. Be original and follow your writer`s instincts.

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