Can you tell an exact number of kinds of papers that you have written at school or university? There are a lot of various formats to create the assignment, that is why as a student you are required to be aware of each of them. Undoubtedly, you need a small manual where you can find a brief overview of writing 500 word essay, in particular.

What is the 500 word essay?

As a rule, there is no limitation for themes of this paper. You should remember that the main problem and opinion should coincide and fully describe the topic. You have to write a text with logical and precise sentences, not fragments or phrases. To make your paper more interesting, you can use statements and evidence as they are an integral part of the qualitative and fascinating work. A small tip is that literature, political sciences, and daily life can serve for you as the sources for exciting examples.

One of the most significant peculiarities of the word essay is word count. Are you confused with this expression? It is directly related to how many pages you wrote. You should note that the length of your essay and paper is limited.

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At first sight, it is awkward to be in the strict borders while creating something. It is possible to be successful in writing even in such conditions. Follow our tips and be the author of the best essay you may ever write. Our aim is to help and inspire you to be good at this.

  1. Word essay structure. We should remember significant rule about three components of a composition. The first part that the text should have is an introduction. In other words, it is a presentation of topic, problem, and essence of work. Here you cannot use somebody’s quotation, but think about an extraordinary beginning. Now it is time for the body. It is the biggest part of your work. Here you express your thoughts about some issues and prove them with the evidence. It is possible to cite famous authors or book; do not forget to mention them in your reference list. We recommend to depict your controversial questions from different sides and name their pros and cons. It will give readers opportunity to choose the best variant. And the last component is word essay conclusion. It can be regarded as a summarizing of the whole work. Here you do not mention new information just rephrase existed one. It should be no longer than introduction or words essay body. Make it brief, precise, and concise.
  2. Font. Size. Spacing. Your work should also be readable. That is why you will need to use such font size that is good for reading. As a rule, Times New Roman is commonly used. To prevent blurred lines, use double spacing because it will make your paper good looking.
  3. It is troublesome to collect all thoughts and start. We know the methods that will make this process successful and easy. You are required to write a kind of skeleton where you will notice the facts that are worth describing.

So, now you are aware how to make your study process fascinating. Use these small tips and improve your scores. Perhaps you are future novelist, so, do not let difficulties ruin your potential.


500 Word Essay Topic Ideas