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How to Write an Essay

Writing a good essay is what any human being can do but writing an exemplary essay only some can achieve. Learning and comprehending what you learn is completely different then just interpreting it and not putting that hard work into work. People always struggle with the beginning of the essay and getting started. To begin an essay you must always have an introductory paragraph. This paragraph consists of a thesis statement and a tone. The thesis statement should tell a reader what you will be writing about. Your tone will help the reader understand why you’re writing what your writing and for what. In other words, are you informing the reader, or persuading, or even trying to amuse them? You want to make sure that the tone suits the topic of your essay. Now, the essay will provide us with what is next in writing an essay.

Once you begin an essay with your introduction you want to keep a reader entertained with your writing. By doing this you then follow with your body paragraphs which contain from three being the very least to as many as you need. The body paragraph is your main part in the essay. These paragraphs provide the support to your introduction paragraph and also to your thesis statement. They fill the essay with details and examples. However, each body paragraph should have one topic sentence and possibly a concluding sentence. You also want to improvise by showing the writing of elements such as parallelism, definition, description, contrast, analysis, repetition, summary, amplification.

Understanding your essay is also a major factor. Make sure you review your work closely and repeatedly. Although, your essay should understand you must also stay on topic, remembering to focus on your thesis statement. Your essential focus of your essay should be expressed in the thesis statement. While writing you want to provide transition between each paragraph that will guide your reader to a conclusion that will sum up the essay. Amplification in an essay is adding more detail to the word itself. Such as, “The professor gave a presentation in which he showed us different slide; music slides, text slides, illustration slides, chart slides, video slides, just too many slides.”

An example of parallelism would be “Whether at home or at work, he was always busy” this element is using the same pattern of words to show that two or more ideas have the same level of importance. Definition would be best defined as elucidating a word into greater detail so it could give a better view of what you’re writing about to the reader. Description could be another use of using many adjectives in your essay, describing a noun into depth. For example “The sky is remarkably beautiful today with blue skies, no clouds and the sun beaming onto your skin making you warm but not hot.”

Accomplishing everything that has been instructed in the past paragraphs leads you to one last thing to do. Reviewing your essay from grammar mistakes, punctuation mistakes or lack of transition words is an important task you want to complete. You would also want to make sure that there are no run on sentences. These sentences basically are statements that have already been said. For example a run on sentence would be “Adam is a sweet boy he really loves animals.” The correct way to write that would be “Adam is a sweet boy. He really loves animals.” You want to make sure that you are able to speak to your reader as if he or she were sitting in front of you. In other words, instead of writing the essay, try talking the essay. Proofread your essay until it reads just how you want it to sound.

With this in mind your concluding paragraph comes last. In the conclusion you want to recap your idea in a clear summarizing manner. You want to make sure that after your reader is finished reading the essay the message you intended to communicate was understood. You need to keep in mind that the last paragraph should be short and avoid any extra information that would discredit anything you said. One last element of writing would be the summary. The summary is the whole essay being put into account and re reading it to make sure you stayed on topic and kept the whole essay organized for your reader to understand. All you’re trying to do is make a benevolent exit, and most probably all the really important points have been made previously in your essay. However, you should not repeat your thesis either. Once you’ve done all that’s been elucidated you should have a strong essay and be able end your essay without any difficulty.

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