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How to Write an Effective Summary of an Article

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Article, Pages 9 (2154 words)



Article, Pages 9 (2154 words)

Have you ever heard about such type of writing as a summary? Are you familiar with its structure and peculiarities? Despite your answer, keep reading this article as it will prove you that writing process can be easy and interesting.

As a student, you are required to learn different phenomena, that is why you read various compositions, novels, and books. At the first glimpse, it is great, as you broaden erudition and become smarter but the other side of the coin is rather negative.

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Have you guessed why? The main reason is that there are documents with the enormous wordage and you should memorize their main plot. What to do in such terrific case? Keep calm as we want to present you an extra sip of inspiration and show how to act in this situation. The simplest consolation is summary. It is the best way to organize and process necessary information in the shorter form. Moreover, it is an alternative approach for study as there is no need to rewrite the whole book; the only thing that you should do – to note the statements that will help you memorize the main plot of the writing.

Another key thing to know is that you can write a small but well-structured composition based on the read materials. According to the investigation, such type of work is very effective as it makes you rely on your memory and improve writing skills.

It seems that everything is cut and dry, but still, we should clarify and distinguish steps and tips that are essential for writing a well-structured and qualitative summary.

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Writing Tips for a Good Summary

It goes without saying that numerous pieces of advice can be useful for proper summary writing. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to single out the significant ones that can be easily applied in practice. We aimed to illustrate the tips that can be suitable for a summary of different types and themes. Hope the given below information will reveal a positive side of the study for you.

Find Main Idea

As a rule, it is a key thing for each writing. You will agree that it is impossible to start work without main thought or aim. It is a high time to consider this statement in the example of the summary writing. Do not be upset if you “lost your way” in the lines of the big book. Be ready to read the information several times and ask yourself “What is a purpose of this book?” After you have deeply examined the text, write down the thesis that should include:

  • Title
  • Place of publication
  • Date of publication
  • The type of essay
  • Tone and style

There are cases when it is troublesome to figure out the main thoughts. Nevertheless, it is the crucial thing for a thesis statement.

Identify Important Arguments

That is a second step in the long destination for the successful summary. We highly recommend you to read the original information a second time and find the arguments. Here are the steps that will help you pass this “level” quickly and without harm.

  1. Read each paragraph carefully.
  2. Highlight each topic sentence in order to realize the central message of each paragraph.
  3. This sentence is integral to making your statement; that is why your task is to rephrase it and avoid plagiarism. Be sure that you use synonyms, not just copied words.
  4. Now it is time to read all the sentences that you have marked. As a rule, they should create a logically built narration.
  5. Rephrase or rewrite it in your own words.
  6. Do not forget that the sentences should be grammatically correct and well-built.
  7. Try to make a precise and short summary.

Write a Summary

It is a high time to start creating. A summary should begin with such essential clues as author name and title of work. Surely, you can use different forms of sentences in order to attract reader’s attention. There are several ways to start your summary. Nevertheless, you should pick one that is the most effective.

Do not forget about thesis and topic sentences. These are statements that convey the main thought of your writing. We highly recommend addressing to your notes and rephrasing the topic sentence of the original work; as it can inspire you for creating a perfect beginning of your summary.

The rest of the overview should be precise, short and informative. We recommend you to avoid unimportant and convoluted facts; all that you need is to present the central concepts of the original work. Moreover, this information should support the thesis and be the type of thought that will logically continue revealing the topic of your summary.

Using Author Tags

It is a good way to make your paper original. It is essential to illustrate author’s thoughts and quotations while summarizing. That is why it is essential to use author tags. Do not be scary as it is easier than you can imagine; because this is the name of writer or the title of work. Moreover, you can also use a set of verbs that can serve as good indicators for the writer’s thought. For instance, the author of the book:

  • persuades
  • suggests
  • understands
  • argues
  • reminds
  • helps us understand
  • elucidates
  • presents
  • intimates
  • concludes
  • presents the idea
  • creates the impression

We invoke to follow these rules, as they will prevent you from plagiarism.

Questions on Writing a Summary

This part of the article we have dedicated to the frequently asked questions related to summary writing. There is no doubt that they will work as the router that shows you right destination for writing. Moreover, it is easier to spell out a big amount of different facts. Hope it will help you.

When to Summarize?

That is a first and awkward question as there is not a precise case when a student is required to make a summary. Nevertheless, we have the answer that will help you find out in which case it is better to use this type of writing.

  • The most suitable situation for a summary is a discussion. You will agree that when you express a point of view, it is better to use shortening, brief and logically built text that will prove your position. Moreover, the listener will catch the idea and realize that your thought is reasonable.
  • When you want to argue or contradict the author’s idea. In this case, feel free and use the brief overview of the key point and present your thoughts.
  • Finally, the most common way – when you need to condense a lot of information. With the help of summary, you can express the main thought and save time. Moreover, be sure that this type of writing will make your talk precise and concise.

What to Include in a Summary?

As it turned out a summary is a brief overview of long work. Here you should include:

  • The author and title of the work. It is reasonable to say that the target audience should be informed about the writer of original work.
  • The thesis and topic sentence: it is a type of bridge that connects introduction and the main body.
  • The information about the main point of the original writing: it means that you have to condense the long book, for instance, but still illustrate the main topic and problem.
  • Your point of view. When you write a summary, it doesn’t mean that you should just rephrase the author’s thoughts; your task is to express an opinion and prove that it deserves attention.
  • Conclusion: the final paragraph, where you are required to draw a line and present the statement that illustrates the results of the summary.

How to Summarize an Article in One Paragraph?

At the first glimpse, it sounds weird, but still, it is possible to apply in practice. All that you need is to collect the reasonable thoughts, important facts and present them in the logical but brief way. Your paragraph should start with the introduction of the author and theme of work. Then it is important to make up several sentences that will tell the central theme of the original article. In connection with the fact that you summarize the periodical press, you have to note the target audience and the results of original writing. Be sure that you can cope with this task.

How Many Sentences are in a Summary

There is no precise answer to this question, as everything depends on the length of original work and the wordage of required summary. There is no hesitation that it is impossible to condense the volume of a book in a short piece. On the other hand, there is no need to write a long summary of the short article, for instance. Sometimes, teachers ask to make up the one paragraph summary despite the length of the original work.

How to Format a Summary?

It depends on requirements and your wish. There are cases when you should follow only one way of formatting, for instance, APA; but if you have a chance to pick one by yourself, we recommend you to choose MLA.

Another key thing to know is that despite the format, your summary should be grammatically correct, coherent, and logically built. There is no need to make the title page for such type of writing.

How to Summarize Main Points of an Essay?

As a rule, students regarded this procedure troublesome; but we want to prove negative. We offer you to get acquainted with the simple steps that will help you summarize easily.

  • First of all, you should read an original writing and realize its main essence.
  • After you passed the first step successfully, you should single out the critical points.
  • Now it is time to illustrate these statements in your summary. You can use different ways how to do it. Try to be consistent and reveal facts one by one, and skip unimportant information. It is a type of forbidden thing to be omniscient; moreover, do not present the material in a comic way. Remember that the style of the summary should be neat.

How to Introduce a Summary in an Essay

It depends on the type of the original work and wordage of summary. But we advise you to present your brief overview beforehand. There are cases when a professor asks students to put the summary on the main paper.

How to Title a Summary

The title of the paper is the first thing that is noticed by a professor; so, we can conclude that it should be perfectly done. Nevertheless, sometimes it is troublesome to title a paper well. Would you mind if we help you?

  • Tip #1: Consider the main topic of the summary.
  • Tip#2: Be creative and try to convey the main thought in one short sentence or expression.
  • Tip#3: The title should motivate people to read your summary.
  • Tip#4: Avoid grammatical and lexical mistakes.

How to Start a Summary of an Article?

It goes without saying that the most difficult part of writing is beginning. But do not worry because we know how to help you. First of all, consider what the target audience of your summary is. Secondly, use your creativity. You can start with an interesting quotation; be sure that it will invoke people to read your review. Thirdly, write down all possible beginnings and pick one that will suit the best.

Examples of Article Summary

Are you still confused about making a qualitative summary? The best way out is to find examples that will give you a new sip of inspiration. We highly recommend you to address to the credible sources where you can find informative and well-structured summaries.

Here is one of the millions of examples that can serve as the pattern for your future writing.

Aristotle in his scholar work (title) investigates the problem of the language and its influence on society. I reckon that it deserves to be mentioned, as it contains suggestions and thoughts that can solve problems related to the multilingual society. We can conclude that language is the main tool of conveying the ideas. Moreover, it helps build well-developed and productive community.

So, do not hesitate and start writing as this process brings profit and pleasure. We invoke you to use this article as a guide that shows you a correct destination to success. Hope your first step in writing will be easy and fascinating. Are you still afraid of summarizing a book?

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