A synthesis essay is a rather specific type of work; however, it is useful in training logical abilities and reverse thinking.

What is a Synthesis Essay?

It is a type of essay that implies the connection of previously isolated parts (sides, features, properties or relations) of the object into a single whole with the purpose of discovering its additional characteristics that manifest themselves only in integrity.

Tips for Writing

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The first step is to delve into the topic. The subject of this work should be extensive enough to use the scientific method of gathering the components into a single whole. If in most cases the narrowness of the topic determined its success, then the wider the topic, the better.

After the final choice and full understanding of the topic, it is necessary to decompose it into parts and analyze them. The task of the work is to form a new whole through its constituent parts.

The next step is to find the material for each of the parts and analyze it.

If this were a standard type of work, then it would be better to start with the introduction, then to describe each part in a separate body paragraph, and then conclude all these with a general outcome. But in this case, we will do it according to another order.

It will be more convenient, to begin with the first paragraph of the main part and describe the first component. At this stage, it’s better to just write the most important thing without thinking about the structure that you can add later. Now we do the same with the rest of the part of the synthesized object.

Writing a Synthesis Essay

It is better to develop a thesis for essay after all the components are described. When you understand the peculiarity of each component, its distinctive features, the features of the interaction of components among themselves, both in separate and in a generalized state, then you can develop a strong thesis, the evidence for which you already have

How to End a Synthesis Essay

The conclusion of the essay will also be evident from the work done. All you need to do is to summarize and briefly talk about the revealed patterns directly by referring to your thesis.

How to Organize a Synthesis Essay?

Despite the fact that this type of work is rather unusual, all template essays have a common structure. It consists of an intro, main part, and conclusion. Look through the following example to persuade in it.

Essay Samples the History of Creativity

Throughout the existence of the whole of humankind, there were activities that excited the minds of usual and educated people. These things can be united by one general concept. It is creativity, and there are some of its manifestations.

Of all the arts, it is music that acts most directly on a person, evoking in him certain emotions. Music has the ability to influence the domain of our senses and mind on a subconscious level. Music is a special kind of activity, crafts, and a profession of a human. This skill is associated with the concept of value, beauty, and inspiration. In different styles of musical art, there are different degrees of concretization of content. In synthetic genres such as opera and ballet, in music with words (choral and vocal genres), as well as in works called program music, there are analogies to life collisions, associations with concrete life images, connection with a certain literary or theatrical plot, an idea, an emotional mood. Musical experiences and emotions are not identical to the emotions of the primary, everyday life. A musical work, as an artistic creation, is in many ways sacred, it represents a different reality. That is why many associate the nature of musical art with the nature of absolute spirit.

Dance is considered an echo of music. The melodic and rhythmic sound has become a melodic and rhythmic movement of the human body, which reveals the characters of people, their feelings, and worldview. The choreographic image arises from musical-rhythmic expressive movements, which are sometimes supplemented by pantomime, sometimes costume and everyday things. Human movements in everyday life and work are always emotionally intonated, expressive, and therefore subject to a certain rhythm. For centuries, the dance polished and generalized these expressive movements, and as a result of a whole system of choreographic movements, an artistic, expressive language of the plastics of the human body, arose. Dance is always national; it reveals the nature of the people in a generalized form. Choreographic art is a strong three-dimensional concept that contains ballet, the art of folk and modern dance. The first evidence of the origin of the art of choreography refers us to a deep antiquity when in the prehistoric period the dance performed a ritual function.

Already in those days, dance and music were inextricably linked. Then the music was created in a primitive way, with the help of household instruments, and was more rhythmic than the musical phenomenon that spawned the dance. So we can draw a few conclusions. Dance is a consequence of music and can not exist without it, whereas there is music not associated with dance. These two phenomena can be united by a single concept of people’s creativity.

How to Qualify a Synthesis Essay

The only way to do it is to make a reverse operation. At the end of your work, look at the paper with an analytical view. If your parts seem to you coherent and the subject is unified, you have performed this task well.