How to Write a Paragraph Essay

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How to Write a Paragraph

Writing a paragraph does not simply involve throwing words into the pool, hoping that it would create something meaningful. One must first create an outline in order to organize the scattered ideas before dedicating words into the paragraph. When writing a paragraph, one must start off with a “hook” sentence which can attract readers and encourage them to read more.

That would be applicable to the introductory paragraph only. The succeeding paragraphs should contain a topic sentence rather than the “hook” sentence. After every topic sentence, the writer should support it with ideas that are related to the topic sentence’s idea. This actually composes the body of the paragraph.

This part of the paragraph should be clear and concise. The writer must not use wordy sentences since it takes up a lot of space. Finally, one must conclude each paragraph by summarizing the ideas into one sentence and creating a transitional sentence which can relate the paragraph to the next. For introductory paragraphs, the last sentence should be the thesis statement of the whole paper. So when writing a paragraph, the writer should always start with an outline to organize his or her scattered ideas. This is where every paragraph should begin.

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