The question of how to write a historical essay is almost always asked by graduates who decided to continue their studies in this direction. There are a lot of materials on the subject on the web; however, most of the essays are too large and contain information that cannot be remembered. To prepare for a work in history, it is not enough to know the subject well. It is necessary to constantly deepen your knowledge, and adhere to strict rules in writing work.

How to write a good composition? First of all, it is necessary to take into account some requirements on how to write a college entrance application essay. Below they are given with a few explanations. So, in the composition, it is necessary to do the following.

You need to specify at least two significant events (phenomena, processes) related to a given period of history. This event, depending on the period, can be the war, battle, revolution, the conduct of any policy, the adoption of a law, the formation or disintegration of the state, the formation of a political movement, etc. The range of historical events is very wide. The main thing is not to make a mistake and choose those events that are part of the chosen time period; otherwise, they will not be evaluated.

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It is necessary to name two historical persons whose activities are connected with the above events (phenomena, processes) and, using the knowledge of historical facts, characterize the roles of the personalities you named in these events (phenomena, processes). When characterizing the person, it is necessary to indicate the concrete actions of this person (the adoption of a law, the implementation of a policy, the accession of a particular territory, etc.), which significantly influenced the course and/or outcome of the events. In other words, it is not enough just to name a person (ruler, state, cultural or socio-political figure) and list his services. It is necessary to show how this person or his actions influenced the events you mentioned and what role he played in the processes indicated by you.

At the next stage of writing, it is necessary to specify at least two cause-effect relationships characterizing the causes of the events (phenomena, processes) that occurred in the given period. That is, when characterizing an event, you do not just need to name it, but also indicate its causes.

Using the knowledge of historical facts and (or) opinions of historians, it is necessary to evaluate the influence of events (phenomena, processes) of this period on the country’s further history. In this case, you need to enter the period chosen by you into a general historical context and show how exactly this period influenced the subsequent one.

Also, an important criterion of historical writing is the appearance of the text. The test should consist of a coherent presentation of the material, to provide a full-fledged work, rather than sketchy provisions. Look through the following template in order to understand how to write a college application essay step by step.


In the introduction, write the name of the period, specify the ruler or rulers. In a few words, describe the situation in the country at the beginning of the period, note the main events, phenomena, and processes.

Main Part

  • Specify one of the historical processes you mentioned in the introduction. Using the introductory design, indicate its causes, as well as features of development.
  • Choose a historical figure who participated in the process you indicated and disclose his role, remembering the criteria for writing. Do not forget to bring as many historical facts and dates as possible (but only if you are absolutely sure of them!)
  • Specify the outcome of the event, process or phenomenon described by you, and also how it affected other events, phenomena or processes.
  • This algorithm should also be used to describe the second event in the essay.

History Essay Topics

As a rule, when writing an entrance exam, students are unlimited in the topics on history. There are topics already developed by the college or university, but there is always the opportunity to develop a topic yourself. The first option will necessarily include topics for an essay on Native American history while choosing the second option you do not limit yourself to frames.  It can be any global history Regents thematic essay, and you are free to write about any period or event you like and know well.  But in any case, do not forget about the basic requirements, evaluation criteria and the necessary verification in order for your work to be really literacy history essay.

How to Conclude a History Essay

It is not a difficult question how to conclude a history essay. In conclusion, based on the facts you indicated in the essay, draw aт outcome about the significance of this period in the history of the country. Indicate how historians evaluated this period and/or, based on facts, give your own assessment of its role in history.

If you were writing an essay on my favorite subject history, it is also worth to mention that there is your favorite topic and explain why. This will help an admission committee to evaluate not only your knowledge but also your way of thinking and interpreting historical events.  You are free to express your perspective but try to avoid too loud statements, unreasonable praise even if you like a certain historical character very much.