The conclusion plays a major role in any type of paper, as it should contain briefly and harmoniously designed material, described in the main part, your own conclusions about the work done, answers to questions of introduction, recommendations, and personal opinion. In addition, the conclusion should be a harmonious continuation of the main part. The conclusion very closely overlaps with the introduction but has its own characteristics for each type of work.

How to Write a Conclusion for an Argumentative /Analytical/ Expository/ Informational Essay

  1. The main goal of an argumentative essay is to prove some perspective, so your task is conclusion will be to tell how it was done. The conclusions drawn on the basis of the main part must necessarily be supported by evidence. In order to do this, it is needed to briefly repeat the thesis statements and your main steps and proofs in supporting it.  Your calculations, applications, examples from literature, media, real life, personal experience, references to laws and regulations depending on the question that you are justifying can act as evidence. In any case, you can give several proofs of your righteousness.
  2. An analytical essay implies that you must decompose a certain phenomenon into its component parts and thoroughly study each of them. Therefore, in concluding this work, it would be prudent to say once again about these components and their features, and also to use the synthesis method, that is, to say about the phenomenon as a whole on the basis of the analysis of the parts.
  3. In conclusion of an expository essay, you can tell about your opinion on this topic, describe the problems that you have encountered in the study, focus on the features of your study. Remember that your conclusions, and especially their description, should be interesting, informative and relevant. The teacher should be aware that the topic of the course work is interesting to you, and you really tried to study it.
  4. An informational essay requires working with a large amount of data, so it is reasonable to use the following strategy in writing a conclusion for this paper. In order to ensure that you do not forget to enter the necessary information, we recommend that you structure this section consistently, following this procedure:
  • Once again, return to each question the information on which you have processed in the essay;
  • Write a short summary of each question;
  • Now you should generalize, structure, combine and harmoniously enter in conclusion all the outcomes obtained during the writing of the work, without violating the structure of the final part.

How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph for Essay Examples

The conclusion should be written when your work is completely ready. You can understand this by rereading the introduction. If you have already been able to complete all the tasks set in the introduction and achieve the goals you planned to achieve, then you can say that your work is completed, and you can start to write a conclusion.

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How to Write a Conclusion Sentence for an Essay

The following speech constructs can be used to write a conclusion for an essay high/middle school:

  • In this way;
  • Summarizing;
  • Proceeding from the conducted researches, it is possible to draw a conclusion;
  • Having written a paper, I came to this conclusion;
  • The results of the conducted studies showed that;
  • Based on the mastery of the topic;
  • The relevance of the work consists in ;
  • As the conclusion, it can be noted that;
  • Summarizing the studies;
  • It is possible to note the following features of the conducted research.

The last step is to look at the written conclusion and remove all the detailed descriptions of it because they are already contained in the main part. The conclusion is a very brief narrative about all the main things that you consider necessary to highlight.