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How to Survive a Wildfire

Categories Fire, Natural Disaster, Survival

Essay, Pages 4 (775 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (775 words)

Wildfires kill lots of people every year. It also spreads quickly and is hard to contain immediately. Wildfires not only kill and spread quickly but also the people who survive will not have a shelter or anything else. However, there are a lot of ways to survive wildfires. You will need to prepare for wildfires. Some examples you can do to prepare when wildfires when they occur, include making an emergency pack, knowing what to do when evaluating and your pets.

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These are some of the preparations you need to do. In order to prepare an emergency pack, you will need to know what to pack.

Your house should have an emergency pack ready to go. An emergency pack should include the most important items to survive. According to livingrational.com,“ Water, food, and medication is the #1 thing. This should have a supply for at least 3 days.” This reveals that water, food, and medications are the main essential things to survive.

These are an important part of survival, you cannot survive without them. They also say that “Cell phones, batteries and radio should always be a nearby place for you to easily get.” This means that cell phones, batteries, and radio also play an important role for surviving a wildfire. These items are for communicating with your family and friends when a natural phenomenon occurs, it is for ensuring your family and friends that you are safe. Without communication, people will get worried. Another thing that is according to the website is that “Flashlights and a map of the area should be by the front door so it can be easily used.

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” This information shows that if there was no power or the wildfire happened during the night, a flashlight can guide you through the dark. The map can show you where you can go for shelter and where you are. An emergency pack is not the only thing that is needed to prepare.

Another thing to know is what to do when evacuating for a real wildfire. Before a real wildfire happens, you should have all you need to know about wildfires and you evacuation preparation. According to the website livingrational.com, “ Car keys and house keys is when you need to evaluate immediately.” It is important to notice that the car and house keys can be helpful for you to get out of tight areas, like when a fire is 3 miles away from you, you can use your car to drive to another safe place as a shelter quick. The house key for when you come back after the fire over, you can go back to the house and see if everything is alright. According to houselogic.com, “Your driver’s license, proof of insurance, medical records, passport and security cards, known as the important papers for your proof.” This demonstrates that your “important papers” can be helpful because the important papers can help you with your house problems when you get to a safe shelter.

Leaving your pets from wildfires isn’t a good idea to do. Pets should also be prepared for wildfires. Pets are part of your family, have a plan to help your pets to also be prepared for wildfires. According to the website www.cdc.gov “Pets should wear collars with their contact information and their ID.” This shows that the pet’s collar can be useful when the pet gets lost in a park or other places. The collar with all the information can tell the person who picked up the pet to call the owners. The website also includes what to do if your pet gets separated from you, “If you get separated from your pet, contact animal control for your lost pet, when you left the shelter, return home. Also, call Microchip company, make sure all information is updated and current.” This is quite an important thing to know. This states that with the information about your pet is updated and current, the Microchip company and animal control can have an easier time helping you find it. These two companies can help you find your pet quick if you have all the current and updated information about your pet.

As a result, there are several ways to survive wildfires. Surviving wildfires isn’t that hard as you think. People can survive wildfires with a few preparations, such as an emergency pack, knowing what to do when evaluating and your pets. These are not the only ways, there are still much more. People need to be prepared when a wildfire occurs. With all of these preparations, you can successfully survive a wildfire or other natural phenomena that might happen to you.

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