How to support positive outcomes for young people Essay

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How to support positive outcomes for young people

If children are to achieve positive outcomes in life, it is essential that their rights are promoted are protected, they are entitled to: Equality, Inclusion and Diversity. The Definitions of the following are:

Equality; opportunities to develop and learn, while their physical and emotional safety and well being are protected. Inclusion; access to appropriate settings and the experiences they offer. Diversity; acknowledgement of and respect for their individuality. Promoting positive outcomes for children depends on promoting Equality, Inclusion and Diversity in ways which are appropriate to their individual characters and requirements. Each school must produce a range of policies which formally set out the guidelines & procedures for ensuring equality.

These must take account of the rights of all individuals & groups within the school. When considering the way policies work to ensure equality & inclusion, we often just think of the teaching & learning that is happening within the classroom. Policies must also pay regard to the values & practice which are part of all aspects of school life. The rights of all children & young people are stated in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989). The UK government ratified the treaty in 1991 & must ensure that the rights of children in the UK are protected through law.

Two examples of different policies are:
Special Educational Needs &
Disability Act 2001 Makes it unlawful for educational providers to discriminate against pupils with a special educational need or a disability.

Disability Discrimination
Act 2005 Places a duty for schools to produce a Disability Equality Scheme (DES) & an access plan. Schools must encourage participation in all aspects
of school life & eliminate harassment & unlawful discrimination.

I have chosen to include these two policies as I agree with them for a start and it gives children so many more opportunities to learn normally without being discriminated or bullied. Children need stability within their working area especially those with a disability or impairment. And with these policies in place it will help schools to achieve this to the best of their ability therefore helping the children achieve to high standards.

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