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How to Study in Library Essay

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How to Study in Library

1. Create a new project as a Single View Application. Give it a product name and company identifier. Set the device family to iphone, check the Storyboard and Automatic Reference Counting checkboxes.

2. Select the storyboard file from the project navigator. Drag the table view controller from the object library onto the workspace.

3. Set the initial scene to point to the table view controller by clicking on the table view controller and select the Is initial view controller checkbox on the attribute inspector. 4. Click on the table view and set the content to from dynamic prototypes to static. You may add additional rows or remove rows from the table. Add another section to the table. Refer to the circled area on the figure below.

5. Drag the icons/images from the image folder into the project folder. 6. Back to the table view, drag the image view and label components into the table cell/row.

7. Set the image view holder to the desired icon and label it accordingly. Duplicate the entire cell by pressing the Command + D buttons.

8. Add more view controllers to the workspace for every respective row. Connect the rows to the respective views by selecting the row, press the control key (magic finger) and drag the mouse to the desired view. Select “push” from the storyboard segue.

9. Add image view and text view to the view controller as shown below.

10. Populate the views with the desired content. Obtain the image from the image folder provided and the synopsis of each game/movie from the sypnosis.txt file.

11. Go to the editor on the menu bar, click on Embed in and select Navigation controller. Run the project.

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