How to stop domestic violence?

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Domestic violence in the family can be stopped. For it to stop, focus on possible help should be on the perpetrator and not on all the members of the family. I therefore refute this statement that for violence to stop, all members of the family must change. Instead, the perpetrator of violence in the family should change. I say this because there is no plausible reason for anyone to batter a loved one. Domestic violence is a crime and it should be treated as such.

To insinuate that the victims violence are in any way the cause of their battery is akin to saying that you are responsible when your house is broken into.

Of course that is nonsense, you are victim of burglary. So is the case with domestic violence. There is a perpetrator and the victims. It is true that some dynamics in the family may instigate violence, but that is no reason to abuse anyone. There are ways of amicably solving differences.

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There are several reasons that explain why some people abuse their partners. This include: substance abuse, economic hardships, poor communication skills, provocation, stress, family dysfunction as well as lack of spirituality.

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How to stop domestic violence?

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