How to Spend Your Free Time?

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You know those periods of time you’re all done with classes and have no reading to do? Well there are many things that can be done to pass the time. To keep your body healthy we can do some exercise and sports activities like badminton, soccer, hockey or swimming. Those who love challenging activities can join paintball, rock climbing, flying fox and mountain climbing. We can do many activities. Get a gym membership or try a new bike trail. Met up with other joggers and run through various part.

Good health can make all other aspects in your life better including your work.

So we should have a healthy lifestyle. We can take a vacation or picnic with family or friends during holiday. We can go to recreational park, beach or island. It feels more relax to see the beautiful scenary of nature if you go to an island or beach. Why don’t you try scuba diving. It is realy interesting to travel the marine life and see the nature under the sea.

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If you are an avid reader, then you could spend your free time catching up those book that you haven’t finished yet. Fun does not always mean fuss.

You can find relaxation and entertainment with books that capture your interest. It doesn’t mean that you have to buy it. You can go to library and have unlimited books there. Those who have a digital camera can take photograph of scenary, people, birds and many more.

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Just head out your camera to anywhere and enjoy the art of nature. During our free time we can surf the internet. The internet is full of fun and interesting things. Visit your favourite website and learn new things. Catch up your favourite blogs and social sites like facebook or twitter.

I know all of you have a facebook account right. As for me, I love listening to music and watching Korean drama. I bet many of you love k-pop right? I’m sorry if I’m wrong. Make sure to limit that activity to one particular day or time. This way, you will have more time to do your other tasks when you have set time to take care of your need for entertainment . It’s okay for you to do what ever you want as long as you can control it. Don’t be to fond with something and forget your study. We should use our time wisely and have a good and happy lifestyle.

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How to Spend Your Free Time?

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