How to Set Goals and Motivate Yourself to Actually Achieve Them Essay

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How to Set Goals and Motivate Yourself to Actually Achieve Them

While spending time thinking about the goal in my life, the only one answer coming up in my mind is to achieve success. But what exactly the word ‘success’ should be defined? Thinking considerably, there are at least two fundamental achievements in life that inspire people. One is to be rich, while another one is to be famous. Though these two words are somehow closely related if you think about the celebrities who are famous and rich at the same time, there are some others who only have high recognition but not rich, such as Mother Teresa who devoted her whole life doing charity for the poor.

Therefore, the topic that I am really interested in is about whether to be rich or to be famous is the key word for success. However, I will approach the topic by saying that to be famous is the first priority in order to gain success. Because being famous and being rich are both signs leading to success, comparing its similarities is not that useful. Therefore, the style of this essay will be a contrast instead.

What I expect from contrasting their difference is that the readers will realize being famous is the sustainable way to achieve success rather than being rich. In other words, money cannot be used to buy the fame. Though being rich is another sign of success, without being famous, one can be forgotten easily. On the other hand, being famous is eternally recognized by people. Even if they died, the world still praise and remind of their accomplishments.

By standing on this opinion, people will not just look forward to making money, but will try themselves on inventing new things, creating beautiful arts, and doing whatever they are interested to become well-known by others and then succeed in their lives. The essay will convince the readers to believe that the key word to success should start from being famous and will prove that it is true by giving examples about people who were quite poor but famous and successful in their lives.

The contrast topic will be controlled differently in each paragraph depending on famous area of those people. I plan to include three content paragraphs with three following people: Ghandi (Politics), Van Goh(Arts), and Mother Teresa(Religion). As a result, this essay is worthy to compose because it will be such a good lesson to teach children or even adults to understand the regular basis of being successful in life. Trying to be famous is the first step to achieve sustainable success.

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