How to Serve My Country

Well, to begin with i would say that the motivation comes from within , if you have the true spirit to serve your country come what may be the consequences you are going to do it , that what the way which our freedom fighters opted to serve our motherland but then now times are changing and in a totally globalised world you are left with very few options. the ways i feel you can serve the nation is -by taking few steps which motivate you to do good for others,like be honest with your self while helping others.

-respect your elders and the senior citizens of your country,like for example

-while travelling you meet different people and some really need help in getting things done for then due to different their advancing age and health problems, so just help them -the second thing which you can do is respect your national property wether it be our national flag ,song ,emblem,anthem,bird,or any of the things.

some people do not know the importance of all these national properties so try to tell them in a good manner what is the real value of all these.

-the third point to be kept in mind is be a good informer about the doubts of people regarding national interest -tell everyone you meet that you should be proud of your country and its varied heritage -keep praising your country in whatever ways you can and as they say become a pucca indian in its true spirit.

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-last but not the least participate in all the programs near your locality or elsewhere conducted in national interest,or public awareness to general public hope these points may help you in becoming a responsible citizen .

wish you good luck for your commited ways to your country’s service.Today we need good governing body, to which we should amend the constitution. We should not allow a person to rule for the second time, can we together make this change, gradually then bribery will die, and that will be the beginning of our nations growth. I you can really bring changes in that circle, without that what ever the efforts that is put in, is an attempt to put salt in the sea.

Otherwise be committed to your family, support your neighbours when they are in trouble, keep the surroundings clean, take care of the public property that we come across, likewise the small, small things, if we follow in routine, everyday, nothing more we need to do, and do not take bribe, and feel and be a proud citizen.

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How to Serve My Country
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