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How To Save Trees

Why Trees Matter
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Overpopulation, overexploitation, and human consumption are all contributing to the downfall of our now extremely misused planet. Dramatic environmental changes that all creatures are being exposed to, is considered a modern concept, considering not only our ancestors but animal and plant ancestors have not experienced for long if looking at the age of the earth. Overuse and overconsumption of natural resources is aging the planet at a rapid pace, decreasing stability in climate and atmosphere. With the increase of the…...
How to Save Trees Buying Toilet Paper
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The pages of history state that there was an era in which many other alternatives were used instead of toilet papers. Examples of such alternatives included leaves, pebbles, and water. In ancient times the tribes used to clear their excreta through the remains of a corn or corncobs. They would also sometimes use the skin of the corn. Toilet paper is made up of thin fibers of trees. The increasing demand of toilet roles is decreasing the amount of trees,…...
Ways to Keep Our Air Clean
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Have you ever gone outsideon a stunning spring day, breathed deeply the fresh sweet air and felt all yourproblems disappear? Or, after a spring shower, have you ever experienced your mindclearing in the crisp air, and observed the raindrops sticking around on green leavesnewly derived from the branch? It's a terrific feeling. Every year, morethan 3 million cigarette smokers under the age of 18 inhale 4,000 chemical compoundsfrom half a billion cigarettes, and after that release them into the air.…...
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Why Trees Matter

...It is natural for one person to believe that they cannot make a difference in the world, but belief, hope and determination will alter the planet. The process of restoring the physical world will be a step-by-step process, not one person can save the...

How to Save Trees Buying Toilet Paper

...A research conducted by EPA for congress in the early 1970’s disclosed the facts that by using one ton of 100 percent recycled paper we can saves 4100 Kwh of energy, which is sufficient for 1 home for six months besides this we can save 7000 gallon...
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