How to Reduce Traffic Congestion in Hanoi Essay

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How to Reduce Traffic Congestion in Hanoi

In order to reduce traffic congestion – an urgent problem in Hanoi, there are two main works to solve well. Firstly, the Authorities need to upgrade traffic infrastructure. The existing roads are too small for huge quantity of vehicles. Besides, degrading of quality of surface roads makes movement in central city become slower and more difficult. Thus, broadening existing roads, upgrading the old roads and considering to build new appropriate roads are very important work to improve traffic condition. Recently, there are lot of junctions such as crossroad till have not had traffic light. It makes traffic easily to be chaotic, especially in rush hours. So, installing new traffic light system is also very necessary to reduce traffic jam in Hanoi. Secondly, increasing people’s consciousness when take a part in traffic in also a crux point to reduce traffic congestion. The rapid developing of public social media such as internet, TV, radio makes upgrading new information to be easier than ever.

Hence, taking the lessons on public media is simple way to increase people’s traffic knowledge. Teaching traffic rules for children is also an effected method and making long-term effect by making good consciousness of traffic for future civil. There is one more other way to increase people’s traffic consciousness by increasing the punishment in law for illegal traffic behaviors. Recently, fine for illegal traffic behaviors is still quite low, so that it is not enough warning force. Having to pay more money of fine when someone infringes traffic rules will make him remembering rules more and not relapsing. In conclusion, upgrading traffic infrastructure and increasing people’s consciousness when talk a part in traffic are important works which need to be done to solve recent traffic congestion problem.

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