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How to protect against 4 e-commerce security challenges Essay

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Nowadays is the trends that trust the Internet commerce application where it can cause business operators. Some people will revert back to using the traditional method of doing business. The trust can be lost due to the situation where the hacker attack on e-commerce sites. According to the study done by Hammonds (2014) state that full-scale identity theft to web profiling come with various issues that been disturbed the consumer and vendor itself. That why, E-commerce also known as a form of buying and selling of product and services for the business and for the customer through the internet According to research done by Mukherjee (2016) state that online sale increasing day by day because customer take advantage of the low price product that offered by the wholesaler or the manufacturer in the online mood.

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Besides that, e-commerce also helps the customer and the organization in term of gaining the information through the technology that has been provided.

Under Industry 4.0 concept, outstanding growth in advance and the information technology in social media network has been increasingly influencing human perception. That small enterprise that adopts e-commerce performs better than those which fail to adopt because of the catalytic effect on business performance (Wanyoike, et al. , 2012). This is because e-commerce adoption is not automatic due to the weaknesses of resources, for example, financial with e-commerce skill where the small enterprise have done it on the daily basis. It is shown that small enterprise can influence people to the business by using e-commerce by increasing the information about the social media network. The scope of study that has been done by Mihyun Chung & Jaehyoun (2014) Kim elaborate that the Industry 4.0 is the industrial revolution with the future of core technology trend is expected to result in an all-new era of automated industries. Furthermore, the internet devices significantly improve the quality of lives and in result will have a large impact on society. This has been proved with the development of small industry where they can go far in business by using the internet and apply the e-commerce business.

Implementation of e-commerce is required high cost and need a strong economy-justification (Valmohammadi et al., 2016). This is because, in order to get the internet connection, there are a lot of things need build and upgraded in order to get the best connection. A poor connection can give the bad perception of the customer to the country and the nation and the ever-increasing growth of e-commerce in develop countries must be followed by the business policy and strategies that have bee fundamentally reconsidered as in the developing country.

Acting as online marketplaces, e-commerce websites and mobile applications that facilitate online commercial transactions allow manufacturers, merchants, retailers and service and content providers to list their products, services or content online (Yen et al.,2015). To get success in e-commerce, there is some business model of e-commerce which it is has been structured in order to plan the activities more thoroughly to gain profit for an organization. The table below shows the key elements of e-commerce business model.

VALUE PROPOSITION How a company’s products or services fulfill its customers’ requirements [14].
REVENUE MODEL How a company generates revenue and creates profit.
MARKET OPPORTUNITY The marketplace that a company intends to enter, as well as the company’s potential financial opportunities in that marketplace. Many small market segments constitute a marketplace.
MARKET STRATEGY How a company plans to enter a new marketplace and attract new customers.
COMPETITIVE ENVIRONMENT Potential new entrants or other companies that offer similar products or services in the same marketplace.
COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE A company offers superior products or services at a lower price than its competitors do [23].
ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT How a company organizes its work in a targeted, goal-oriented manner.
MANAGEMENT TEAM. Leaders of a company’s business unit, responsible for the business model.

Source: Adapted from Laudon, K.C., and Traver, C.G. E-commerce 2015: business. technology. society., 11th edition, pp58-68, Pearson [16].

Industry 4.0 is one of technology innovation after been through with the other three industry before. This industry is most modern where everything needs to use the internet in order to complete the task given. The information that available on the internet are not necessarily mean or lead to the success directly ( Kleindienst et al. , 2016). In contrast, the information usually gives some tools and methods and the right information is still needed in order to increase the effectiveness and lead the innovation. No wonder nowadays, it has been the topic that most frequent being discussed among the practitioners and academics in the German-speaking area (Dais, 2014, p. 625; Drath & Horch, 2014, p. 56).In this industrial revolution, it provides various opportunities to the company, especially in e-commerce fields. According to Zhou (2015) article state that industry 4.0 system is complex and flexible where there are involving). This is due to challenges that the industry facing by dealing with big data issue in order to make a decision rapidly for making an improvement. Big data becomes a buzzword for everyone because data mining already been since human-generated content has been a boost to the social network.
The development of an Internet of Things (IoT) framework and the emergence of sensing technology have created unified information that will be connected with the systems and human together ( Jay Ley et al. , 2014). This is because nowadays only use a database in order to get and save the information into the system. When the internet has been well developing, it can help human to work more effectively with the system and can help the human to save time use the technology wisely.

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