How to Promote Homestay in Malaysia Essay

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How to Promote Homestay in Malaysia

Tourism has a unique characteristic that make this industry different from other industry. Tourism has numerous of product and services that they can provide. One of the tourism that nowadays has most demand is cultural tourism.

Cultural tourism refers to the place that provide the cultural and heritage attraction. These attraction include the cultural performance, games, religious practice and handicraft. History, culture and religion are the element of tourism. Many tourists visit these places to see the unique history and culture.

Malaysia has many ethnic heritages include Malays, Chinese, Indian and many more such as kadazan and dayak. Each ethnic have their own unique characteristic such as wedding ceremony, games, foods and lifestyle. Malaysian can show more on their unique lifestyle through homestay.

Homestay is a form of accommodation which guest are staying with the host family together in one house. This is one way for Malaysian to welcome guest and let them know better about this country. It is a place where traditional local people open up their homes for tourist. The purpose is for tourist to feel and experience the true lifestyle of traditional Malaysian. Experiencing homestay is the fastest and cheapest way for tourist to know more about Malaysia. Through homestay, tourist will get to how things work traditionally without influence from others.

They also will experience warm and comfortable welcoming families. The host of this homestay will treat their guest as a part of the family. Tourist will enjoy homemade traditional delicacies and they will learn how to prepare the food and the traditionally way of living will also interest the guest.

Malaysia have a wide variety of traditional games that very enjoyable and interesting, such as Gasing, Wau (kite flying), Congkak, and more. This traditional games will also be seen and play by the guest who stay with them. They will find it interesting by playing them.

Nowadays local people have provided a lot of homestay program from all the states in Malaysia. In each state, they have their own unique culture and interesting activities provided. All of these homestay programs are approving by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, this is to guaranty the guest satisfaction and safety during the programs.

Malaysia is located at the Southeast Asia and have thirteen state. The capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur which is the biggest city in Malaysia. Malaysia population is about 27 million. The country have 2 separate region; peninsular Malaysia which is eleven states and Malaysia borneo have two states. Official language in Malaysia is Malay and the official religion is Islam.

Kuala Lumpur is the official capital, due to the heavy congested in Kuala Lumpur Putrajaya become the federal administrative capital. Economically, Malaysia is the top exporter of rubber and palm oil. Palm oil is a major generator of the foreign exchange. In Malaysia practice a huge variety of religion and culture, beside Islam the other religion practice is buddism, Christianity, Hinduism, Chinese and some of them have no religion.

Malaysia have many culture, firstly is Malay. Malays population is the majority in Malaysia. Mostly all Malays is Muslims. This group is identified as Bumiputra. The language used is Malay language but English is widely spoken in many cities. Iban is a population from Sarawak which is over 600,000 people. Originally they stay in a longhouse, but now most of them were moved to cities. Other is Bidayuhs who was from the southwestern of Sarawak. From Sabah, the group is called kadazan. Chinese is also the growth population in Malaysia; mostly they are buddist and Taoist. They used many languages such as mandarin, hokkien, Cantonese, hakka and teochew. Lastly is Indians. Mostly they are Hindu Tamil but some of them were Tamil Muslim and Tamil Christians.

The largest state in Peninsular Malaysia is Pahang which is about 35,960 sq. km. Pahang is located at the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia with have an attraction of cool mountains, rain forest, hill resort, beach, caves and lake. Forest is almost half covered Pahang state which is 48.8%. Due to that, orang asli (aborigine) can be found in certain area in Pahang which is at Cameron Highland and Kuantan.

Pahang is an interesting place to be, because tourist can find almost everything at Pahang from the cool mountain to hot sandy beach. Furthermore, in Pahang there is a wide variety of arts and craft. Batik is a wax printed fabric with a colorful and traditional floral design. In Kuantan and Cherating, tourist can get to know better about Batik by watching and even try to design and produce it. Hand woven fabric is also a uniqueness of Pahang. It is created using traditional loom. By producing it, local and tourist can buy it to use as a sarong, sampin and other traditional attire. As a time goes by, many entrepreneurs would like to buy these hand woven fabrics to make it as formal and casual attire that can be use to everyone at any time. Other craft produce by Pahang is woodcarving. It is inspired from local flora and Islamic arts. It is use for house decoration for example at the door, window and others.

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