How to Prevent Nuclear Chemical and Biological Threat Essay

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How to Prevent Nuclear Chemical and Biological Threat

In recent years, people from all around the world have already seen the reports about nuclear, chemical and biological accident frequently from the news media, which have been increasingly threatening the survival of human security. When we are fully aware of the threat of nuclear, chemical and biological accident, we should learn that what target measures should be taken to hold the harm of accidents. With the development of high-tech, various military weapons have appeared in the world increasingly. But what hidden behind the success is not only the consumption of resources, but also the huge impact on human itself.

So here are some measures as follows. Firstly, the government should propaganda knowledge on nuclear, chemical and biological accidents to the people, such as posters and seminars. Because there are many people who do not learn about these risks appropriately. Secondly, the immune prevention and drug prevention are two good ways o prevent the danger. Inoculation of various vaccines in advance can improve the body immunity, reduce or even avoid biological weapons against the damage and greatly reduce the power of biological weapons. Thirdly, people should be well prepared with emotion before these danger especially avoid being panic.

Just take Japanese nuclear power plant explosion in 2011 as an example, people were lost their mind at that time, especially it was the unwise behavior for them to buy lots of salt. Finally, when facing nuclear, chemical and biological risks, authority should take the corresponding preparation and strategies, the relevant education departments should strengthen the national defense education of the contemporary students. In addition, when facing the great benefits the high-tech brings us at the same time, we should recognize the unfavorable factors.

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