How to Prepare for Job Interview?

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First impression matters a lot and this is especially true in case of interviews. Interview is a chance through which an individual aspiring for a job can create a lasting impression on his/her employer and secure the job he/she desired for. An individual preparing for a job interview should not only hone his/her academic skills but also concentrate on his/her physical appearance and etiquette. The manner in which the aspirant faces the interviewer and responds to the questions posed to him/her is significant in proving his/her abilities to the interviewer.

While preparing for a job interview, an individual should attempt to present him/her in a way which highlights his/her strengths. Preparation Before attending an interview, the most important thing that an aspirant must do is to conduct some research on the company for which he/she is called for an interview. According to Katharine Hansen, “Thorough company research is an absolute necessity when you go on a regular job interview.

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You don’t have to do quite as much research for an informational interview, but some degree of research will enhance the quality of the interview. ” (pg. 36). Researching beforehand about the company and the position for which the aspirant is applying, aids the aspirant in facing the interview with confidence.

The interviewer may look for specific knowledge while interviewing a candidate for employing in the company. The aspirant can acquire this knowledge by researching about the company and the position for which he/she is applying.

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According to Alan Nierenberg, “All job seekers should have a good understanding of the industry in which they work and the functions performed in the position for which they are interviewing. ” (pg. 6).

The understanding of the job seeker regarding the company and the position for which he/she has applied can convince the interviewer that the aspirant can learn the work within a short span of time. The physical appearance of an aspirant is also important in creating a good impression on the interviewers. So the interviewee must make sure that his/her dressing is neat and tidy. The dressing should be in accordance to the company and the position for which the job seeker has applied. According to David Rawles, “In selecting your clothing for an interview, remember to dress to the part.

Dressing for the part involves two separate aspects. First, dress for the position which you are interviewing. ” (pg. 133). The aspirant should select his/her dressing before the day of interview itself so that there is no need to hurry at the last moment. Another important thing that an interviewee must do before attending an interview is the completion of the paperwork. The job seeker must have the necessary documents in his/her hand while attending an interview. These documents must be prepared on the previous day of the interview itself.

According to Julie-Ann Amos, “Have copies of everything to hand well in advance. (pg. 13). The aspirant should also update himself/herself with the current happenings in the world. Conclusion Among the various things that an interviewee should do before appearing for an interview, researching about the company and the position for which he/she has applied is an important part of preparation for a job interview. The interviewee should also ensure that his/her dressing is in accordance to the position for which he/she is being interviewed. The necessary documents should be prepared and kept with oneself before attending the interview.

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How to Prepare for Job Interview?

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