How to Open a Start Up in Dubai?

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The Multiethnic city, Dubai provides a wonderful working environment that is highly liberal and accentuating in Middle-eastern region. Hence commencing a small start up in Dubai will surely give you high returns in future. Some high earnings business includes retail shop or a grocery store. They encourage small sector businesses in the region. However, you should look out for several aspects before developing your start up, since they can possibly affect the productivity and stability of your small business.

Have a look at three basic components for setting up small business in Dubai such as a grocery or retail store:

  • Identify Your Business

The success of your business largely depends on the knowledge of the region, thorough research and need for your product along with a comprehensive business plan that must attract your investors.

  • Find a Local Partner

It is essential to have a local partner before you start your business in mainland Dubai. They can be individuals, entity or companies who holds a major portion of shares in your business.

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  • Financial Feasibility

If you prefer to register your business at Ministry of Commerce, then be prepared to prove that you are financially capable to start a company. You might need to get support from local bank or sponsor if you are a newbie in Dubai. With this, lets look into the critical point of this matter. Retail sector is the most profitable business in UAE that offers enormous opportunities to entrepreneurs and growth oriented indeed.

Launching a grocery store can be profitable since Dubai is open to numerous shopping festivals and events that boost its economy.

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But before opening a Grocery shop in Dubai, let’s go through some requirements that will help you for sure.

Requirements to Launch a Grocery Store in Dubai

We have listed some important steps to let you know how to open a grocery store in Dubai. Read out below before taking essential measures.

  • Local Sponsor

Having a UAE national to help in your business is a must, as we have mentioned above. As per the rules formed by authority, a local sponsor will hold 51% of shares of your company, whereas 49% will be possessed by you. Therefore, to launch a grocery store; this process is essential if you sign a contract with investor or commence this business in free zone.

  • License and Registration

Obtaining a Grocery License for your business in Dubai and further essential certifications from the consultant is also a significant step. The Department of Economic Development (DED) provides approval to launch a shop in Dubai as per the mainland jurisdiction.

  • Business Control

You might launch your grocery shop in Dubai Shopping center or in Meena Bazar, but comprehending the jurisdiction is important since it is linked with the success of your store. A grocery store is also examined for jurisdiction and required to observe an appropriate shareholding structure just like other shops in UAE.

  • Paperwork and PROFESSIONAL Services

Inaugurating a grocery store might further require paperwork, certifications, taking sanction from numerous departments, visas and approvals from many entities.

Another point i.e. getting the License of your grocery store requires lots of paperwork and guidelines to pursue. The system has assigned some rules that you need to look out before getting the license.

Instructions for Grocery License in Dubai

  • The procedure of sale will be acknowledged to the buyer with the help of an appropriate means of statement along with the merchandises exchange, return or recompence.
  • a prior permission needs to be taken, If the site of the store is planned to change.
  • The DED should include comprehensive information about the presence of any fake products or supplies in local market.
  • The customer is required to get invoice after purchasing the goods.
  • You can only install the machine for coin operation after getting permission.
  • The products with fake trademark are forbidden for sale, by law.
  • Any changes can not be made without taking permission from the authority
  • The commercial name of business needs to be same on license as well as on billboard
  • Selling or promoting the fake goods is not permissible
  • You cannot display your advertising bill board on the front wall of your store without taking prescribed permission.
  • Vegetables, Pots, electric devices, clothing, fruits, and kids must not be on display.
  • Date of production as well as expiry date must be mentioned on products.
  • You have to take proper permission before introducing sales, discounts or any special offer.
  • Prices needs to be visible on every good in proper manner.
  • Without getting applicable permission, no business activity will be carried out after 12 am.
  • The trademark of groceries needs to get registered under the Ministry of Economy for its safety
  • You are not permitted to sell any products associated with medical, pharmaceutical, herbal, or cosmetic under the grocery shop license.
  • Till the time parent company gets permission, you can’t involve yourself in advertising campaigns.

You are required to follow these rules strictly when obtaining the license and planning to start a grocery store in the vicinity of Dubai.

To perk up the quality of services accessible to the residents of Dubai, the Economic Development Department is making every effort to introduce new standards. Thus, strengthening Emirates as an ideal shopping point, nationwide and worldwide.

If you wish to launch a grocery store in Dubai, we at UAE Consultants can lend a hand with you by fulfilling all the requirements, from obtaining the license to permits from the Municipalities to lease a grocery store for you. Get in touch with us today, we are waiting to serve you in your best means and glad to help you.

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