How To Move Past Cultural Elements Essay

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How To Move Past Cultural Elements

There are two ways in which cultural elemental change must be supported. The first is in the manner of executive support. This is not merely “yessing” the voiced suggestions of staff. Rather, it is though the changed behavior of the executive that staff will change is well. This is termed as behavioral support. Executives must model the behavior that they want to see in their subordinates. They must also follow the rules that they expect their workers to adhere to until that rule has changed. Help the team members achieve goals that are not only important to the team, but important to the individual team members as well.

“Use every possible communication tool to build commitment and support for the big goal, your organization’s values and the culture you want to create” ( (Heathfield). Leadership is not proven by making unrealistic promises or brutal tactics in order to impress or intimidate. It is proven when an executive means what he says and does what he says. The second way in which cultural elemental change must be supported is the training of the support team. The executive cannot merely expect to perform without ensuring that they have the proper training.

A support team cannot be expected to support without a clear interpretation of what is expected and desired of them. Here it is useful to create a value and belief statement that the entire team subscribes to. Change the reward structure and redesign the operational structure to reflect the new organizational culture that is coming in. Bibliography Heathfield. (n. d. ). How to Walk Your Talk, leadership in Action. Retrieved August 09, 2010, from Ask. com: http://humanresources. about. com/cs/managementissues/a/walktalk. htm

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