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How to Motivate Employees

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A “Dark Horse” company was founded in 1994, which is well known for manufacturing tires in Uzbekistan for local cars. The company produces low prized tires which is more affordable for citizens. However organization is facing high competitiveness in the local market, moreover, the problems concerned with the location of the company which is far from the city center, as a result, it has high turnover rate. “Dark Horse” company contains 50 employees, 5 of them works in Administration, 7 in Sales, other 38 employees work in Production.

Motivation plans

The key factor of success in today’s business is employee’s performance because, their working quality designates business improvement. However, making workers motivated is not easy for organization. Money does not only key, therefore, employees should have many senses that encourages working hard. Consequently, we planned many motivation theories in order to create those senses.

Achieving high job satisfaction

Making high job satisfaction starts with suitable working hours. Setting convenient schedule shows that worker’s personal life is also important for employers.

Consequently, it gives opportunity to make relationship between employer and workers better. According to the famous companies, organizing rewards like “Initiator worker” once in a month is very effective. Because, individual recognition intensive tool to increase workers moral and motivation and their performance.

Reducing employee turn-around

Interview with candidate should be carefully. Gather as much as information you can about job applicant. Skill testing is also effective to hire right people from the beginning. Every employee should have exact development plan and should be trained at least annually.

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As a result, they think about their career and its progress. Any organization cannot hold worker if they want to leave. So that, do exit interview where, you can know reasons and factors why they are going. Eventually, you can reduce employee turnover with basing on these information.

Improving high productivity

If any company wants to achieve high productivity, they should start with task partition. Firstly, do not assign two tasks at the same time. Secondly, order every task to specialists. Consequently, you will realize that your business running in the right direction. Statistics show that leading company’s key factor of success is collaboration among staff. Moreover, every workers skills and ability should be considered and headed off effectively. In order to motivate employee that encourages to high productivity work places should be furnished with extra technologies and equipments. At the same time, workers should have knowledge and practice to work with them. Training staff constantly and informing about news increases worker’s performance and it is very important in today’s business.

Reaching high-quality work

High-quality performance of company’s bottom line is fundamental of growing. There are some methods of improving this staff. First of all, competition among employees. Furthermore, every manager of organization should have skill to make healthy competition. Second method is avoiding micromanaging. It might be seen unusual but it is really important in working environment. Because, every worker should have sense of confidence and must be given freedom. Challenge your employees with new tasks. New duties might be absolutely different comparing with duty which they used to do. However, it would give them more practice, training and opportunity to develop their ability.

Methods of motivating all employees

Most employers may find it hard to encourage employees to give of their best obligation at work. It is a fact that in many companies’ employers doesn’t understand the power of motivating employees and its importance.

Happy environment

Based on “McGregor’s theory Y” assume that employees working under proper environment and like the work they do, will aim to take the responsibility in order to satisfy their social, esteem, self-actualization needs. The atmosphere of the company should be positive and fun. Some organization’s employees usually celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and celebrate outstanding achievements, and other company’s employees organize different volleyball or football competitions. Encouraging activities that unit and improve teamwork. Moreover companies tend to make comfortable and enjoyable workplace for employees

Give a praise in public

According to “Maslow’s theory of human motivation”, glorifying the employee’s goals in a public forum in different meetings. This will give a great boost for the certain person’s morale and may serve as a motivation to others. Moreover, recognition also can be a useful factor such as starting “employee of the month” program or just making compliment and simple things like thanking face-to-face, it will improve self-esteem of employees.

Three ways to motivate the minimum wage

Motivating employees is essential for any company in order to develop. However, it is a common phenomenon and indisputable fact that many companies find it hard to stimulate minimum wage employees. According to “Maslow’s Theory” people, who get minimum salary, have trouble with basic and first needs for living such as food, clothes, water and moreover they are trying to protect themselves from physical and economic harm. At its simplest, this type of people belong to low-level need: Physiological and Security Needs. Below we will introduce 3 ways to motivate them.


It would certainly be a sobering thought to assert that some luxury items such as ticket to an entertainment events and movies, or perhaps a little money for perfect performance will keep them motivated. If money is restricted, pizza for lunch twice a week or ordering donuts on Fridays will give them something to look forward to.


Many minimum-wage workers have a lot of ambitions and plans but have trouble getting up the corporate ladder. Based on “Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory” helping to realize personal growth of potential employees, they will give the chance for further amelioration by providing extra training courses and proper education. It will stimulate minimum-wage workers to show their best in order to get a promotion.

Make Them Feel Special

Minimum wage workers usually feel themselves undervalued and unimportant. Rod Walsh, co-author of “Semper Fi: Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way,” likens business to the military. Marine recruits are made to feel that they are part of an elite team from day one. Make your employees feel the similarly, emphasizing special sides of your business and always reminding them that not just anyone can be successful in this certain job.

Teamwork and individualism

Nowadays, in organizational context teamwork and individual worker play important but different roles. From the McGraw-Hill’s “Business” book, it can easily be inferred that benefit of teamwork outweigh the individual one.

Working in a Team

People working in a team more likely to have better communication with others Employees cooperate with each other, as a result, it increases the work efficiency Teamwork give a chance for sharing ideas among the group

As person’s knowledge and ability are restricted it would be easy to deal problems in a team. Shortly, two heads are better than one Working in a group makes relationship better
Group working allows employees to complete complex and large tasks which are impossible for one individual. Furthermore, teamwork detects all minor problems which might be missed by person.

Benefits of Individualism

One of the main advantage of individual worker is better concentration and focus on project. Working individually makes real to decide what to do and when It allows to make decisions by your own.

Individual workers do not rely on others and only responsible people for work Individualism brings creativity and innovation to business. According to researches by Professor Barry Staw in the May 2006, organizations that promote an individualistic behavior are more successful in business.

Improving company’s growth and profit

Increasing productivity of company

Connect employees virtually across the organization. Establish employee portals and different sites which can manage to connect teams and groups with each other, for the employees to do their work more effectively and efficiently within the company. Control productivity of the business and employee progress on goals. Online business software solutions enable managers to more easily track progress during every phase of goal completion and offer instant reinforcement or handler to keep productivity and deadlines on track. It will improve business productivity because the company is staffed with workers who are constantly learning new skills and being challenged to do their best. Moreover, employees who are motivated, happy and alerted will work harder. Motivating your staff members by awarding them for their successes, using material and non-material stimuli.

Increasing profitability of company

Preparing Analytical Tools. Management should have an encounter or analyst to prepare analytical tools such as a common-size income statement. This income statement shows every expense as a percentage of sales, allowing management to isolate costs that could contribute to decreasing profits. The company can perform this analysis for, preferably, three years of historical data. An analyst compares the three years to each other by reading across horizontally. Expenses as a percent of revenue are compared for each year to reveal trends that show expenses raising or lowering as a percent of sales over time. Some costs, such as the cost of goods sold, will naturally rise with sales increases because they represent the raw goods used to make products to sell. Building rent, administrative costs and some utility bills should remain the same, regardless of increases in sales.


All things considered above, it can be concluded that organizations should survive in today’s competitive environment. Moreover, they should think about how to improve productivity and increase profit of the company. Motivation is the main aspect in achieving this development. If all suggestions, which were illustrated, are implemented, the company has the chance for further amelioration and improvement.


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