How to Make Strawberry Bannana Pancakes Essay

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How to Make Strawberry Bannana Pancakes

Is it early in the morning and your really hungry? Well there is a solution for that. By making the best Strwaberry Bannana Pancakes you ever had. There are very easy to make, and every one loves them. It only takes about fifteen easy minutes the most to make the pancakes.

To Make Strawberry Bannana Pancakes the first thing you will need of course is strawberry’s and bannana’s. Next you will need flour, milk, butter, and a mixer. Then you will need a knife a stove, and a spachula. Finally you will need a plate and syrup. These are all the things that you need to make strawberry bannana pancakes. So this is the first step to make these delicious pancakes.

Now that you have all the ingredients to make these delicious pancakes, you can now start. First of all you need a mixer. Then you pour the pancake mix, butter, and milk in the mixer bowl. So you put those three things in the mixer and press the power button to turn the mixer on. Now you have to wait about two minutes or until the batter looks kind of thick.

Next you turn on the stove and put it on medium so not to hot or to low. Then you put the pan on the stove and let it heat up for about thirty seconds. After the pan heats up you pour the pancake batter on the pan and try to make like a little circle, so the shape can be like a pancake. Then you cut the strawberry’s and bannana’s and cut them in to little pieces. After you cut them up you can put the strawberry’s and bannana’s on to the pancake and let it cook with the pancake.

Finally, you will see that the pancake’s are cooked and look delicious. Then you get your spachula and get the pancake’s and put it on your plate. Now you can add the final touch and put any kind of syrup you want on your pancake’s. After that you get your knife and fork and cut your pancake in to pieces and you will see the strawberry’s and bannana’s inside. Now you can finally eat them and enjoy your amazing Strawberry Bannana pancakes.

I have finally taught you how to make these pancake’s step by step. Now that you know how to make these pancake’s you can enjoy them any time of the day, it doesn’t always have to be breakfest. I hope you loved the pancake’s, and every time you make them dont forget to add syrup at the end so the pancake’s could have a little taste of sweetness. So i taught you today every little thing of makinng strawberry bannana pancake’s. I hope you dont forget how to make the best pancake’s ever.

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