Hello, my name is Angeli Cardona my class is 111 and I’m running for Vice President of this very school. Now, it might be bold for a 12 year old girl who hasn’t been in this school very long to think that she can change this school in a blink of an eye.

I wish I could however I can’t, but with your vote we can at least get this school on a better foot. How? Well.. first of all, I propose with a better lunch program for students, now I know that the staff here is already rolling their eyes saying that’s impossible and that it would cost too much.

However it is VERY possible it’s just that we don’t try to change it, so how about we give it a try?- On a statistical report 85% worth of food on every school tray gets thrown in the trash, thats a whole lotta foods. Now, Think of.

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. weight watchers, you know that program?

The program that has delicious recipes but still gives dietary gain? Yes, we should have something like that! something that is nutritious but still tastes good! Why do we have a Dance Class as a MANDATORY CLASS but not a proper lunch menu? No shade towards the dance teacher though im sure shes a lovely lady but seriously, come on.

We have a class that most likely 98% of kids won’t pursue as a career path as MANDATORY? Pardon me if im wrong and it does cost more then I think- If I am how about we change that? like.

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.Hosting more Fundraisers for this school? Or maybe sending all funds from the school store to proper lunches?

Another thing I would like to reinforce into our school curriculum are “Mental Health Days” now some of you may be wondering “what are mental health days?” well, this is a plan of mine that I would like to add to our school as hopefully mandatory.

I would like to have this class every 2 weeks; in the gym and just get 7th grade for 1 period then switch out for 8th grade possibly at lunch. Now, why would I want to do this you may be asking.. well I want to erase the stigma on mental health. Right this second New York is taking major strides for making that a reality so why don’t we incorporate that into our school?

It won’t even cost a penny to this school because you can just get counselors to talk to us about mental health. As we age we have to deal with so much pressure and expectations thrown on us and once we talk about it our problems get pushed aside saying that we are teenagers and only have to deal with school and adults deal with so much more but that’s far from the truth.

Mental health is a significant barrier standing in the way for us to get the proper meds/therapy because our problems get pushed aside and us as humans learn to hide our feelings from the world. Why is it a barrier?

Well it’s because we are taught that we shouldn’t feel a certain type of way because there’s always someone out there with worse conditions but I want to end that stigma, as we learn about mental health at a young age we don’t have to deal with the sad stigma put upon sufferers shoulders. 1 in 3 kids have mental disorders, that’s a whole lotta kids.

However what are the main disorders kids develop? Well, major depressive disorders, anxiety, schizoid disorders, eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia, and personality disorders like BPD and HPD just to name a few. Social media is contributing factor in disorders developing and possible suicide attempts taking place and since we can’t take social media down we can atleast help with mental health class every 2 weeks and getting them the help they need before its too late.

1,000,000 people end up commiting suicide and suceeding each year all because they couldn’t or refused to get the help they need, so in short a suicide attempt succeeds every 40 seconds but if we do this we will put the end to this stigma thrown on us. So basically what I would want to do is make it mandatory to have a mental health period every 2 weeks with 7th grade first then 8th grade right after 7th grade.

What I would like us to learn is for example identifying mental health symptoms, resources for help and support and learning about the negative stigma put around mental illness. So if you would like to help me on my journey into turning this into a reality you should vote for me because I’m sure nobody would like to see an empty desk in the back of the class

This world is a place filled with evil and that evil spreads, so many things bring about cruel turnings in the world, War, Hate, Death, and so many others happen but lets focus on something that happens so often we overlook it alot.

Bullying. I’ve been a victim of bullying ever since the 4th grade, I know all about what people go through. Bullying in my words is the victimization of an individual to bring them down so one feels better about ones’ self. I’ve seen the effects of bullying for quite some time I was one of those people who stood by and didn’t do anything.

In the 4th grade I would be put down for being the supposed “weird kid” liking and disliking things that nobody even knew about at the time, for my intellect being far beyond my years in certain subjects and just my overall outlook on life. As some of you may know my parents left me at a very young age due to not wanting me and my sister anymore so I stay with my dear grandparents.

However most people didn’t care about us having to live with extended family and didn’t think of it as “weird” however some kids (of course)liked to tease me because of that, repeating remarks like “Hey look who it is, the worthless kid that their own parents didn’t even want them, they probably left you cause you are so ugly’. yes, very harsh.

There’s a quote that reads “if you are neutral in situations of injustice you’ve chosen the side of the oppressor” that is very true, I see too many people that are getting bullied and pushed around for things, Too often people just stand by and do nothing, and I think it’s time to change that! Bullying is a vicious thing that causes so many bad things to happen to the kindest and gentlest human beings.

Then once we do speak up a teacher usually just says “Just ignore them” yes, cause just ignoring them is going to make you stop being bullied. Or if they do care a bit more then they will suspend the kid- for like a day or two and expect them to change. NO! What we should do is of course suspend them but not for a day we should treat bullying like a white collar crime in a school like give at least a week suspension and then try to find out the reason why they are being bullies don’t just let them off the hook like that.

Even if the suspension for a day thing works they would most likely talk about you behind your back or being ridiculed for “snitching” on them and convince people to turn their backs on you just because you told someone. Teachers don’t understand that their are so many other ways to being bullied not just being called names in the schoolyard, most victims don’t even want to tell anyone because they are afraid of the things I listed. These are the things people usually get bullied for judged for being another race or being to white or black for that race.

People being judged for their sexuality and or gender yes there are more homophobes/transphobes out there then you think. People being judged for their religion, why can’t we all just love each other you should be nice to people who believe in God, Jesus, Allah, Muhammed, and Buddah.


Lack of emotion or expression or for being “boring”. And finally being adopted, fostered, orphaned, living with extended family etc. And if anyone gives me ideas for what to do to make this school better I would love to listen to all of your ideas

Now, I may not be the most well-known person running for student council vice president, but I promise to listen to each and every one of you. You matter. Your opinion matters. Don’t choose someone who will make all of the decisions for you. Don’t vote for the person who will pick whatever their friends want them to choose.

Choose someone who wants to be your spokesperson. Choose someone who cares about what you want. Choose me, Angeli, for your student council vice president.

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