How To Make Cake Pops Essay

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How To Make Cake Pops

What is a cake pop? A cake pop is basically a cake in lollipop form. They can be shaped into any desired form, such as a flower,heart, or round. Nowadays, they are more popular than the conventional cupcake. There are several steps needed to make cake pops. The first step is to gather all the ingredients. One of the most important items is to buy cake mix and icing. If there is extra time, another option is to make the cake from scratch. Next chocolate is needed.

One of the most popular is white chocolate because it can be dyed any color. Quality is key make sure to buy dipping chocolate. They are more preferred than melts. The last item would be lollipop sticks. Now its time for baking! Make sure to preheat the oven before preparing the cake mix. Once mixed and prepared,bake as instructed. After the cake is done baking, allow it cool, then crumble up the cake. In a large bowl mix in half the container of icing with the whole cake.

Now roll a ball and if it can hold its form, it is ready. After forming all the cake mix into the desired shape. Place them in the fridge, they need to be cool when dipping; if not your balls will fall apart. While they are are in the fridge, melt a few pieces of chocolate for the lollipop sticks. When cool, dip the sticks in the melted chocolate and insert them in a stand or place them face down. If using sprinkles add them before the melted chocolate fully dries, if not you can wait to decorate after.

There are many ways to make these cake pops look pretty, fun and fancy. Some ideas could be piping designs, edible glitter, pearl sprinkles, and also using multiple colors. Once they’ve been decorated, place them in the fridge until they dry. When done, they are ready for packing. There are many ways to package cake pops, some options are to place them in plastic bags, face down on trays or with out covers set up in cake pop stands.

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