How to Make Biography? Essay

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How to Make Biography?

1. Prepare a biography in the WebTycho classroom in accordance with the following instructions from the WebTycho user guide: “” [->0]. In the biography you should introduce yourself to the faculty member and the rest of the class. We would encourage you to include a picture. You can access the biographies of all of your classmates on the “Class Members” link on the left menu in the WebTycho classroom. Your biography will be posted in each subsequent course in which you enroll. You may want to update it from time to time.

2. Prepare a Power Point presentation to include one slide outlining each of the following: your professional experience, academic background, reasons for enrolling in an MBA program, reasons for selecting UMUC’s MBA program, and other personal information. The slides should contain bullet points and not complete sentences. A script must accompany each slide, which should be written in complete sentences. This script represents what you would say if you were to introduce yourself in front of your classmates. The script should be included in the notes section of each slide. Be creative in the presentation. You may want to use graphic and/or audio files. However, there is a limit on the size of a file that can be posted in WebTycho, so use these files judiciously.

3. Create your own main topic in the Introductions (week 1) conference in the WebTycho classroom using your name in the title. Using the information presented in your presentation, write a few paragraphs in the text box introducing yourself to the class and attach your Power Point presentation. Review your entry after you have posted it. 4. We would encourage you to start the first Aleks module this week: Business Math. Note, you must receive a passing grade of 75 on this module by the end of week 3. Then you can immediately start on the module entitled Business Statistics in week 4. Instructions to use Aleks are located in a special conference area set up for the Aleks classes.

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