How to Make a Range 2h Pure in Runescape Essay

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How to Make a Range 2h Pure in Runescape


According to my three years experience of in Runescape, I personally found out that Range 2hers are the most successful pure followed by Range tankers and mages in the BH worlds and any other fighting minigames like Duel Arena ,Clan wars, Fist Of Guthix, Clan Wars and so on. A Range 2h pure is one with very high range and strength levels.

1. The devil is born!

Create an account on Runescape with desired user name, but I suggest you not to use a username which have multiple Xs’ or zeros. After completing the tutorial island or the Unstable Foundations quest head towards the Stronghold of Player’s Safety between Edgeville and Barbarian Village and get the Security Gloves, 10k, and 2 experience lamps and use both on strength, after this your strength level will be at 9. With those 10k buy an iron scimitar and keep the rest of money in bank.Before beginning the training I advise you not to train Defense at all.

2. Who killed my chickens?

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« RuneScape – a F2P Pure’s GuideRuneScape How to Get 99 Ranged » After buying the scimitar or any other suitable weapon go straight to Fred’s farm situated in Lumbridge and kill chickens till you get your attack and strength to level 15.I will advise you to keep your defense at 0 to keep your CB level as low as possible. Don’t forget to pick the feather, you will get loads of feathers.You can sell those feathers or keep them if you train fishing. This will result in your levels as following :

Atk – 10 (max 15)
Str – 15 (max 20)
And all other combat skills at one.
3. Dark-hearted use Black weapons
Complete the Stronghold of Security, get 10k and boots of your choice. Now go to Grand Exchange and buy – Black Scimitar or long sword.
Mithril Scimitar
Adamant Scimitar
Power and Strength Amulet
Short bows of all the kind till maple.
1k Iron arrows
And, Iron full set
Wield the Black Weapon and kill cows in Lumbridge. There are also other options like killing Goblins in Goblin Village or killing men in the Edgeville’s men room. After few hours of serious training, your stats will be as follows – Atk – 20 (max 25)

Str – 30 (max 35)
And all other combat skills at 1.
4. Only strong ones kill Barbarians
With the above stats you can –
Go to the bar in Barbarian Village and start killing Barbarians. Go to Al-Kharid and kill soldiers =)
Go to Stronghold of Security and kill 12 level minotaurs.
Combat training will take more time now as you are reaching high levels now.Get the Combat skills as -Atk – 40 (max)Str – 50+ or 60+All other combat skills at 1. (How Boring)

5. Time to train at last

As now the article has become very long and lame, I will tell you the steps for training Ranging as

Level 1-10 : Chickens
Level 10-20 : Cows
Level 20-40 : Take about 1k iron arrows and start killing 12 level Minotaurs (Don’t forget to pick Iron Arrows) Level 40-60+ : 28 level Minotaurs
6. Range 2h KO Technique

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