How to lose the belly fat?

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A smooth flat tummy is a gift that every woman wants to possess. For it can build us a charming figure. But maybe you don’t know that losing belly fat is not only important to build a slimming figure but also has a significant effect on our health. It is important to lose the belly fat because excess belly fat has been linked with chronic diseases like diabetes and metabolic syndrome. If a person loses enough body fat, it may be possible to prevent or to halt the progression of these deadly diseases.

Today we’ll share some useful tips to lose the belly fat.

How to lose belly fat?
It’s never too late to begin. The fat that builds up around the abdominal area is very thick and hard to get rid of completely. In order to target this fatty tissue, you must remain very persistent in your workout routine. There are several tips you can follow:
First, don’t eat too full.

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Three meals a day are indispensable, but do not eat to stage. Satiety does make you feel satisfied, but if you always let the stomach in a full state. The stomach wall muscles are keeping away from rest, and then it will become bigger and relaxation. The appetite and visceral fat will grow following from that. In addition, be sure to eat food with more protein and fiber, fiber is the best food to take intestinal residual substances and maintain visceral digestion ability. Once insufficient intakes, it may cause muscle weakness, as a result, there is no strength to hold the viscera, only to sagging.

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Second, timely self gut purge. People who have such experience of gut purge will know that after filling a bowel light, the weight may lose a dozen of pounds. Obviously, there is a lot of rubbish in the gut. Fortunately, there is an easy way to self gut purge. That is only drink white porridge during three consecutive days, nothing else to eat. Three days later, you will have a totally new feeling! Self gut purge can be done at least three months once, and can’t be treated as long term diet of weight loss.
Third, stick to do sit-up. Waist and abdomen movement can help visceral motility, excluded waste gas, and strengthen abdominal muscles. It can not only to hold the viscera not to drop, but also to suppress abdominal fat accumulation
Forth, High waist trousers and belt
Women after the age of 25, if not pay attention to movement and maintenance, visceral is likely to begin to relax. What was worse, the low-waist pants in popular has indulge such situation. Strongly recommended to wear high waist or waist pants, and waist tie belt tightened, this also prevents a pole out of the stomach after eating too much.
In particular, there are no ugly women only lazy women. Other than the tips we have mentioned above, we should be more persistent to accomplish such an activity. During daily life, we should to pay attention to our belly. Remember, no pole out! No needless fat! Where there is a will, there is a beauty. Come on! Girls! God bless us!

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How to lose the belly fat?
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