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How to Live a Greener Lifestyle Essay

Essay Topic:

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More people have paid attention to sustainable environment. This essay will introduce how to live a greener life which can be applied by each person living on earth. The behavior of greener lifestyle includes food, clothing, living and transports. These 4 parts also regarded as 4 basic need of human. First, food and clothes make a great difference for both saving source and reducing waste.

Food can be divided into 2 parts vegetable and meat, once meat is produced, at the same time, animals have spent air, land, and especially much water, which means meat uses more resources than vegetable, so person should limit the frequency of eating meat.

As for apparel, modern media always spread what fashion is, however, what does fashion teach the public? Fashion tells people to stay “fresh”, which encourage consumers to buy more clothes than they need. In order to follow fashion, trendsetter and the consumer could never stop shopping each year and each season.

Almost everything in fashion is cyclical, a dress which has been owned would become “out” in a short time.

A greener lifestyle bans buying clothes if you do not need. Second, the choice of where you are living is a factor to greener lifestyle. People who are looking forward to bigger house are not living a green life. Because the bigger living space is, the more resources must be used to adjust the temperature. The habit of using heating equipment or air-condition is common in daily life, living in a small space can both save money and energy.

The last part that a greener lifestyle asks for is transport. Citizens should decrease using private car, what a greener life is taking public transport such as subway, bus or train as much as possible, in this way, each private car owner would save his part which spends oil and release toxic gas. After following these step above, people all around the earth would live a greener lifestyle. Eating more vegetables, buying clothes sanely, not pursuing bigger house and taking public transport are easy to perform.

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