How to Get Readers to your Blog?

Once you’ve designed and tweaked your blog to perfection now you have to figure out how to get readers to your blog. How can you promote your blog without simply spamming your Facebook friends with every post you make? Actually the Internet offers a great many promotion methods that you can utilize to gain readers. Some take a great deal of effort while others, like the ones below, are a bit easier. Dedication to the performance of your blog and always being on the lookout for promotion opportunities will lead you to others as well.

Networked Blogs

The Networked Blogs application allows you to create a profile and will pull a feed from each of your blogs. Once you have it set up you can then choose where you want your feeds to be posted to. Facebook and Twitter posts will be made automatically as well as the feed being updated on Networked Blogs. This one simple easy setup allows you to kill a few birds with one stone.

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Your social networks will be updated with your posts and readers can follow your blog directly through Networked Blogs.

Marketing Articles

You write blog posts, why would you want to write marketing articles too? Because article directories provide articles for other people to use as blog posts and website content that will include your name and a link to your blog. This gets your blog in front of more people and they will check it out if they enjoyed the article you wrote.

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Taking the time to write marketing articles can really improve your back links and get readers to your blog.


No matter what topic your blog is about you can likely find a forum for it. Participating in the forum, helping people, answering questions and debating the points that arise around your topic gives you an opportunity to establish your authority on your topic and draw people who want to know more to your blog.

Guest Posts

Trading guest posts with a popular blogger can improve readership for both of your blogs, as your readers will check out your post and likely the rest of the blog you guest on and vice versa. These can double your readership.

Any and all of these methods of promotion will help you get your blog noticed. Blog promotion is not difficult, but it does take time. If you are a new blogger who is looking to actually earn something from your blog be prepared to put in the time and effort and wait patiently. It is estimated that it takes two to three years for a blog to actually be profitable.

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How to Get Readers to your Blog?

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