How to Get Amazing Grades?

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Since I am a junior graduating, I think that I might be able to offer some of my tips on how to get amazing grades and what I personally did in order to achieve such greatness. Sleep, social life, home work, tests, planning ahead, studying, and focus are some of the things I will mention briefly in this explicit guide to success.

Finding that perfect balance is also a crucial part of a high school journey that some end up being too weak to complete.

Anyways, continue reading to find the precious gems of wisdom I am going to pour out on the young minds of students.

Typically I spend the rough six hours of my day in this big building that im technically and legally not allowed to leave whenever I want. Which is slightly absurd since I thought all humans had the right to freedom…at least that’s what my American Government teacher declared I think.

We need to realize that after six to seven hours in a locked box we will leave with piles of assignments, projects, study guides and much more.

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Please just forget about them. Put them under your bed, in your sock drawer, in the freezer, I literally don’t care where the location is as long as it exists.

Next you need to keep going about life and cleaning the toilets with toothbrushes, cutting the lawn with nail clippers, and doing whatever other cute hobbies you might have. The due dates will come up fast, but don’t worry!! The last minutes you have are the best, you will be so focused on the assignment, the sense you have will be sharpest , and it is in those kinds of moments that you will produce your best possible work!

You’ll feel so proud of yourself when you present your magnificent masterpiece, and without a doubt your teacher will be dumbfounded with the skill you display and the level of perfection you have achieved.

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Another thing not to worry about is sleep.

The locked box offers you so many opportunities to catch up on lost hours. You can’t sleep at home, those hobbies will call your name, social life will drag your minutes away from you, and your assignments will of course be so important since you’ll need to have them done by the next day. It’s quite simple, just lay your head down on your arms and close your eyes in class.

Your teacher’s voice will rock you straight to sleep like a lullaby. I have even seen some very brilliant students bring a pillow and a blanket with them! Such a stupendous idea, don’t forget to bring anything that will make your sleep even more blissful. If someone tries waking you up, ignore them. They’re simply jealous of how sweetly you’re sleeping and not worrying about tomorrow’s test.

Speaking of tests, never study anytime sooner than the day before the test. Or better yet, wait until you have 30 minutes left and then jump into it! Studying right before the test is the best technique I have ever experienced. It’s so much easier to remember all the material due to the fact that you just looked at it.

Only pay attention in class when the teacher looks around, and make sure the person next to you has the answers to any questions he/she might ask. During the test, if you somehow have a bit of information slip your mind, just casually glance to your right or left at the person’s answers next to you.

But make sure that you sit with the smartest people in the class, they can easily be identified with their blankets, pillows, and sleepy looking eyes. In order to avoid drama with the teacher about looking at your neighbors paper, make sure they don’t see you. The teachers get so selfish about the other person’s paper, but they’re probably just jealous that you’re smart enough to think of using the resources around you.

Lastly, I suggest you multitask as much as humanly possible. Doing many things at once will get all those tasks out of the way faster, and then you’ll have more time for important things such as counting the ants crawling on the brick wall outside.

So when you’re working on a project you should talk on the phone and call all your representatives and senators, eat cereal and describe to your goldfish how crunchy it is, try vacuuming with one hand as well, it’ll make your momma happy. You can easily substitute those suggestions with your own urgent and pressing needs, but those are some of the ones I constantly see people doing.

And I think that sums it up· If you stick to these life changing actions, I can guarantee you that at the end of each semester you will have straight A’s and very proud parents! And if somehow you magically don’t get all A’s (which is simply impossible not to with these gems I’ve offered you) that means you didn’t call enough representatives, or you simply ignored my perfect advice. I wish you the best of luck on this high school journey and hope you find an extremely soft fluffy blanket.

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How to Get Amazing Grades?

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