How to Get a Drivers License Essay

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How to Get a Drivers License

A driver’s license is an official document which officiates a person’s legality for operating a motor vehicle. In the United States, a basic Class C drivers license allow a perspective driver to operate a 2-axle vehicle with a GVWR of 26,000 lbs. or less, a 3-axle vehicle weighing 6,000 lbs. or less, a motorized scooter, and any house car 40′ or less. In California, a person reaching the age of sixteen is allowed to apply for a Class C driver’s license at the California‘s Department of Motor Vehicles. However, before applying for California’s basic Class C driver’s license, people have to go through a lengthy six month procedure. Being the only method of driving legally, obtaining a basic Class C California driver’s license for a minor can be accomplished by completing four steps in order: Drivers Education certificate, Passing written test and obtaining a learners permit, behind the wheel training, and passing the driving test.

First step to attaining a basic Class C California driver’s license for minors is getting a driver’s education certificate. Driver’s Education is a formal class or program that enables a prospective driver to learn basic road rules from government printed handbooks or manuals. In California, a driver’s education certificate can be attained in a classroom-like setting or online; the time it takes to obtain a certificate varies. Furthermore, after receiving a Driver’s Education certificate, then one is eligible to take the written test, in order to, get a learning permit.

Second step to attaining a basic Class C California driver’s license for a minor is to pass a written test, and to obtain a learners permit. In California, a driver’s license written test is a multiple choice test, and contains questions about California’s driving rules and regulations. Once one has received a passing score, they shall be awarded with a learners permit. A Learner Permit is a restricted license that is given to a person who is learning to drive, but has not yet satisfied the requirements to obtain a Driver’s License; a learners permit is usually held for six months. Therefore, since the legal driving age in California is sixteen, a minor may receive a learner’s permit at fifteen and a half years of age. Minors who hold a learners permit may only operate a motor vehicle under a parent or guardians supervision. Furthermore, minors are allowed to train for their drivers test.

Third step to attaining a basic Class C California driver’s license for a minor is completing six hours of Behind the Wheel Training. After a student has learned the basic rules of the road, they take part in actual driving under the tutelage of an instructor. The instructor’s main objective is to help their student pass their upcoming drivers test after their learners permit expires. These classes cost about two-hundred to three-hundred dollars depending on the company. Some of the training minors receive in the behind the wheel classes are: operating a motor vehicle, hand signals, lane changes, speed consistency, and parallel parking. Therefore, after one has completed six hours of behind the wheel training, and six months have passed, they are now allowed to schedule an appointment for their drivers test.

Finally, the fourth step to attaining a basic Class C California driver’s license for a minor is to receive a passing score on the driving test. A drivers test is a procedure designed to test a person’s ability to drive a motor vehicle. In California, a driver’s tests is administered in the open road for about twenty minutes with an official driving instructor, and tests the ability to be able to make left and right turns, stops at controlled and uncontrolled intersections, straight line backing, lane changes, driving in regular street traffic, and in some cases driving on the freeway.

Minors, who complete the four step procedure in California, will be awarded their basic Class C driver’s license. Although, there license would still be restricted under California law, which include restrictions on curfews, and transporting passengers who are minors themselves. Furthermore, once a minor has reached the age of eighteen, they are fully entitled to an unrestricted license.

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