How to Forget Someone You Love Essay

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How to Forget Someone You Love

How do we forget someone that has been a part of our lives for a quite some time? We find it hard at times when we actually want to forget them but still can’t because they’ve been “something” to us. Some get depressed, and some get stressed out with the things around them some get drunk and put their selves to trouble just to forget the hurt that they feel. But where do they end up? Some in the jail for their stupidity, some are stuck in the past and don’t know how to get out and move out of the box that they are in, and some still can’t stand up tall and say… “I’ve finally moved on. Well, here are some effective tips for you… Step one: Set aside all the things that can make you remember this person! How do you do it? In a big box, you put everything there. Pictures, stuff toys, or whatever this person gave you. After, you can put them away and put in the balcony or somewhere you won’t be able to see it for a long period of time. Just be sure you will not go to that place and check everything out. Also, start removing and forgetting all the contact numbers you have connecting to this person.

If possible, delete them in your personal accounts too like Facebook, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Live, Skype and all other social sites where you can see his or her updates. Step two: Be strong! Show this person that you can do it without them! Get all the confidence you could before you meet him the second time around after they leave you. Show him/her that it’s their lost, not yours! There’s going to be a big difference with the way they will treat you. Step three: Get busy! — Focus yourself on other things like studies, friends, family and other happy things. Go on a party with your awesome buddies… HAVE FUN! Drink if it’s going to ease the pain but remember not to get wasted. It’s going to bring back all the pain and let you drag yourself down! Step four: Life must go on! Not just because this someone special left you, you lose hope with everything. Remember: The most revengeful thing that you can do to the person who left you is to be happy. Put a big smile on your face and tell the world you can do it!

Step five: Think of happy thoughts! Never let yourself down with the memories that will melt your heart and cry. Think of the stuffs that make you happy even if you’re all alone. Have yourself a treat at the mall or go on a shopping that will make you happy. Do the things that will make you happy even without accompany of others. NEVER watch romantic movies! You’ll just hurt yourself twice as much as you can remember. Step six: Stand up tall with chin up! Prove the people around you that you survived everything you’ve been through.

When you see this person, walk in front of them with all the confidence you have! If they’ll notice you, say “hi” or “hello” for them not to feel that you were very affected with what they did to hurt you. After all that was said here, it’s still you who’s going to decide on what to do. This might help, but everything is still up to you. It’s going to be easy and yet, difficult. Just like math, X and Y are there but you still have to calculate it properly to get the answers correctly. Everything worth having is worth waiting.

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